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There are many tools that help you start to bring coding into the classroom

Focus on computer science and STEM! By @Rdene915

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5 resources to bring coding into the classroom. Explore the activities or curriculum offered, or take advantage of the trial for platforms like Rex Academy, especially at the end of the year when looking for new ideas.

Getting Started with AI! By @Rdene915 @thriveinedu

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Guest Post by Rachelle Dene Poth As a Spanish and STEAM teacher, I love bringing emerging technologies into my classroom. One area that we spend a lot of time on in my eighth grade course is artificial intelligence. For educators looking to get started with artificial intelligence in the classroom with students or for parents interested in providing opportunities for… Read More »Getting Started with AI! By @Rdene915 @thriveinedu

Coding in Minecraft

Coding with Minecraaft

Coding with Minecraft All 5 of my kids (ranging from ages 7 to 15) love Minecraft. To this day my 15 year old can still spend hours playing Minecraft. For many kids, Minecraft is engaging and provides a context they care about. Minecraft education edition has a library of pre-made lessons. There is even a whole world created for learning… Read More »Coding with Minecraaft

Code with Grasshopper

Self-Paced Coding Lessons with Grasshopper

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Learn to Code with Grasshopper New to coding? Not sure where to start? The Grasshopper app, available on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play, teaches JavaScript through self-paced lessons and practice. Lessons The app guides you through progressive lessons that build on one another and slowly introduce different tools and functions in JavaScript. As you work your way through,… Read More »Self-Paced Coding Lessons with Grasshopper

Conditional Formatting and coding

Coding with Conditional Formatting by @bmossholder

Code Conditional Formatting Guest blog post by Beth Mossholder A few years ago I was looking for ideas to create some new lessons on spreadsheet, and where do you go to find spreadsheet ideas? Duh.  I ran across this post about creating pixel art and spreadsheets. There was an ah-ha moment when I realized two things: 1. Yet again, the answer… Read More »Coding with Conditional Formatting by @bmossholder

google apps script add-on menu template

Kids Code: Add-On Template

Previously I had blogged about students coding their vocabulary words. To help students take it up a notch I have created an Add-on template that puts a button in the sidebar. The button will run the students code. This provides students the opportunity to share what they coded and have another student test it. Add-On Template Add-on Menu The Add-on… Read More »Kids Code: Add-On Template

Coding Vocab Words with Google Apps Script

Kids Start Coding Their Vocab

Shamelessly, I bribed my 8-year-old daughter to learn JavaScript. I’ve shown her a couple of things with Google Apps Script (which uses JavaScript). Imagine how delighted I was when a week later she comes home and exclaims “I am teaching my class how to code.” First, major kudos to her teacher who when seeing how excited my daughter was about… Read More »Kids Start Coding Their Vocab

#HourOfCode: #Minecraft meets

Are you ready for the #HourOfCode? Guest Blogger Steve Isaacs December 7–13 marks the 7th annual Computer Science Education week and the 3rd annual #HourOfCode Challenge spearheaded by takes an approach to teaching coding by using iconic characters and the block based coding language to teach computer science concepts in a way that is concrete and easy… Read More »#HourOfCode: #Minecraft meets

Google Apps Script: Debugging Tips from Alice

This week I worked on several Google Apps Scripts projects. Part of coding is failing. You write your code and cross your fingers. Most likely there is something that needs to be “debugged” or fixed. Productive struggle is highly motivating. With programming, you have an end goal and something functional after you get your code to work. This makes something that… Read More »Google Apps Script: Debugging Tips from Alice