Jamboard: Making a Perfect Circle

Today my lesson involved circles so I wanted the student to model their math with circles not ellipses. The problem is, when you use the shape tool on Jamboard and click and drag you’ll end up with an elipse. Single Click The trick to getting an actual circle on...


YES!! You can now BOLD, Underline, Italicize, and add a bulleted list into the description of Google Classroom Announcements and Assignments. Note that all new features always “roll out.” Meaning you might not see these new features for a few weeks. FREE:...

Google Jamboard: Using Open Middle Math Problems

Open Middle provides higher critical thinking math problems for students. DOK 2 and DOK 3 level math problems require students to strategize and figure out how they would solve the problem rather than being expected to know what the first step is. Oftentimes Open...

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