Google Forms: Students Did Not Finish

What if students do not finish a Google Form and need to finish it later? This is a tricky problem. You not only need to allow editing in the Google Form but have a way to get the student the link to finish later. There is no way to capture this without coding....

Brainstorming Voting Tool

Brainstorm Ideas and Vote on Them in a Google Form Brainstorming is an essential process to many projects. How do you decide on which brainstorm idea to go with? Some people don’t feel comfortable speaking up in opposition or some people feel compelled to go...

Teacher Clarity & Choice in Learning By @NikkiJF152

Guest Post by  Nikki Johnston-Fisher | Teacher | Fairbanks, Alaska   I’ve learned in remote teaching that it is important for students to also see the road ahead and know where they are going in their learning. Nikki Johnston-fisher The transition to remote teaching...

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