Google: Roll Dice

Let Google Help You Be a Dungeon Master Google has a plethora of cool calculators and Easter eggs if you just know what to search for. “How many calories are in a brownie?” “Graph y equals 36x squared minus 7x plus 3.” But those are not quite...

I’m Not a Science Teacher, I’m a Game Master

A Guest Post by Alicia Motter Impending inclement weather often precipitates conversations among teachers and students about snow days. Everyone wants one, don’t they? But the downside is that students remember less about the previous lesson because their routine has...

Make your Classroom FUN Again!

Play Like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins Reviewed by Erin Whalen In this 2016 book from Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc., author Quinn Rollins takes us on a journey of bringing fun back into our classrooms through play. Each of the three sections, Toys, Games, and...

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