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Join Alice Keeler, Google Developer Expert, on the New Season of Totally Unscripted

Join Alice Keeler, Google Developer Expert, as she joins the 5th season of Totally Unscripted as a co-host with Martin, Charles, and Kara.
Join Alice Keeler, Google Developer Expert, on the New Season of Totally Unscripted (1)
Join Alice Keeler, Google Developer Expert, on the New Season of Totally Unscripted

The upcoming season of “Totally Unscripted” is not just another series about Google Workspace and Apps Script – it’s a groundbreaking convergence of development and educational innovation, and I’m excited to be a part of it. As a Google Developer Expert and an educator, I’ve always been passionate about exploring the frontiers where technology meets education. This season, we’re taking this exploration to a whole new level, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you who are equally passionate about harnessing technology for better teaching and learning experiences.

Screenshot from season 5 episode 1 Totally Unscripted with Alice Keeler, Martin Hawksey, Kara Ireland, and Charles Maxson
Season 5 co-hosts Martin Hawksey, Charles Maxson, Alice Keeler, and Kara Ireland

Season 5 Episode 1

To kick off the return of Totally Unscripted for Season 5, in this episode the TU crew will take a look back at some of the more significant updates and additions involving the Google Workspace Platform “Since they’ve been gone!”

Why This Season of Totally Unscripted is a Game-Changer

“Totally Unscripted” stands out as a show that dives deep into the intricacies of Google Workspace and Apps Script, providing insights and knowledge crucial for both developers and educators. It’s a platform where the technical aspects of Google’s powerful suite of tools are explored, explained, and turned into practical solutions. This season, we’re focusing on making these tools more accessible and relevant for those in the educational sector, providing a bridge between complex tech solutions and everyday classroom applications (at least, I hope to try to talk about that some). 

The Co-Hosts: A Synergy of Expertise

Martin Hawksey

Martin is a well-known figure in the world of Google Workspace, celebrated for his in-depth understanding and innovative use of these tools. His ability to dissect complex technical processes and present them in an understandable way makes him an invaluable asset to the show. His insights are particularly beneficial for viewers who are keen on exploring the more intricate functionalities of Google Workspace and how they can be leveraged in various contexts.

Google Developer Expert – Does NOT work for Google

Charles Maxson

Charles brings a wealth of knowledge as a Google Developer Advocate. His expertise lies in making Google Workspace and Apps Script accessible and useful for a broader audience. Charles has a knack for identifying and demonstrating practical applications of these tools, which is essential for our audience who are looking to apply these technologies in real-world scenarios, especially in educational environments.

Works for Google – TU is NOT part of Google

Kara Ireland

Kara, with her expertise in Google Apps Script documentation, plays a crucial role in demystifying the technical side of Google Workspace. Her strength lies in her ability to translate complex technical content into clear, understandable language. This is incredibly valuable for our audience, ensuring that the show’s content is not only informative but also approachable, particularly for those who may not have a deep technical background.

Works for Google – TU is NOT part of Google

Alice Keeler

I bridge the gap between the technical world of Google Workspace development and practical classroom needs. My focus is on translating the rich technical content provided by my co-hosts into actionable strategies and tools that educators can use in their classrooms. I aim to make the content relevant and applicable, especially for teachers who are eager to integrate more technology into their teaching.

Google Developer Expert – Does NOT work for Google

Totally Unscripted Episode 1 Topics

How good is Google Bard as a helpful generative AI tool? I pasted the list of topics for the week into Bard and asked it what a Google Developer Expert would say on these topics. I then asked it what a teacher would say on these topics. So here is a grid of possible things I could say during the show so I don’t freeze on the spot 🤣 Google Bard is so cool it will export the chat results to a Google Doc or Google Sheets for me!! 

Transcript using YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Glasp has created a Chrome extension that will allow you to quickly obtain a transcript of a YouTube video. It integrates with ChatGPT and Claude to bring you summaries and other helpful generative AI solutions relating to the video. As you can see the transcript is not perfect, but I hope this helps with getting an idea of what happened in the show. 

TU5.1 – Since We’ve Been Gone: A Recap – YouTube

(00:00) [Music] and and we are live my name is Martin hawy this is Charles Maxon this is totally unscripted and we’re back can you believe it Charles we’re back after two years welcome back Martin and welcome every tuning in great to be back uh been looking forward to this not sure what took us so long but here we are so I think the good the good news is the format largely the same um so this is your show so this is your opportunity to talk to us share your ideas um if you got suggestions as well end of the show
(01:04) we’ll remind you where you can get in touch but during the show you can always hit us up on YouTube can already see some people joining in on the YouTube chat so where have you been channs you you went through coffee two years ago and haven’t been in touch since absolutely I mean you probably heard Martin this this little thing called the pandemic got in the way for a while and we had an opportunity to actually go out and really focus on doing live engagement and so one of the neat things I’ve been around the world at various
(01:34) Nexus and iio events and our own workspace Summit so got to see quite a bit of our audience live in person which was great to meet people people I’ve never met before in person which was awesome but when we came back and realized all that travel we haven’t necessarily been able to you know reach all the people we want to reach and so uh I’m glad to be back because I think it’d be an awesome time to really engage with people again and bring it back and and since we’ve been gone and hence the
(02:00) title that you just pulled up since we’ve been gone which by the way if you don’t hear the Kelly Clarkson theme song playing here it’s because we don’t have rights to it but you can sing along your head the title is definitely similar to that since we’ve been got I think an awful lot has transpired there’s awful lot to talk about and I’m really excited to actually just you know meet with the folks in the community and talk some more but more importantly I’m in the same similar role Martin want to ask you
(02:24) what do you’ve been doing though since we’ve been gone I think a lot more has changed for you personally I’m on my second job uh but uh I’m yeah I’ve finally I’m living the dream I’m a full-time Google workspace developer I’m working for a Google partner based in the UK so um and it’s all thanks to you Charles kind of coming out the pandemic he said you should go and work for those guys so I did awesome and who is it Martin by the way I mean Have No Secrets here so I worked for CTS recently merged
(02:56) with apps broker um so I think we’re now largest dedicated Google partner in uh the UK and EU so um really interesting for me as well having worked so long in education um to to be working with Enterprise customers and the first couple of weeks working with CTS every weekend I was watching the TV with the family and it’s like oh as the adverbs came on that’s one of our customers that’s one of our customers so uh it’s nice to see that part of the world as well that’s super cool I think you know
(03:29) one of my favorite parts of what we do as you know developer Advocates here at Google or what you do Martin is you get to see what people are doing with the technology you get to help them and it’s really great to see those benefits and uh you know super pleased for you to be able to do that couple things real quick about the show that we are going to change is we decided to make a little bit shorter uh so we’re gonna aim we’re gonna aim for 45 minutes per episode and there’s an awful lot going on but we’re
(03:54) also going to try to make it every other week we used to do it weekly and I think that was a little much for not just us but for folks tuning in um but I think it’s awesome that you know there’s so many people excited about it and actually want to be on the show and as you mentioned Martin uh anybody listening in if you’ve got a great idea if you something you’d love to share to the community please let us know please hit us up we’d love to have you on an episode as a guest and actually show off
(04:20) your solution your tips your T tricks whatever whatever you’re doing anyway that said real quick I just want to shout out a bunch of folks that are actually uh chiming in uh John from unicorn magic Pablo Andrew Roberts Marco Jorge a lot of folks awesome so thank you for jumping in the comments again ask me questions if you have some but one of the biggest changes Martin is we have formats not just me and you we really wanted to diversify our thinking and our output and our inputs uh you mentioned that you’re focused on
(04:52) Enterprise which is awesome but as we know there’s many facets to Solutions you can build on workspace and so we tried to broaden our Horizon and bring a few other folks in so um if I may I’d like to introduce our first new Resident host who actually comes from the edu space in fact I think this person’s story is awesome a former high school math teacher who decided to automate her classroom and do some amazing things with workspace and using technology has turned this into a phenomenal way of helping Educators be more effective in
(05:24) the classroom and frankly Beyond and so this next person who when I simp we discuss her resume I get exhausted uh she has uh an eighth book on the way she has 27 add-ons in the marketplace she’s speaking in kazakstan in Peru she’ll be in we in London uh if you were next she was in the keynote talking about low code no code with AI this person’s everywhere so I’m exhausted to say and if you’re a bet uh in a couple weeks in London you will see this person there and I I think she needs no introduction
(06:00) but she has a very famous title I think it’s self-proclaimed but she is royalty she is the queen of spreadsheets with no the further Ado Miss Alice ker hey you guys thanks for having me now I feel tired it’s time for an NA I don’t know how you do it we’ll get to that in a second because we have a second person we’d love to bring in and talk about and bring again again another interesting perspective on background of what we do and this person I think maybe since we’re talking royalty is more
(06:27) maybe she’s the ductus of documentation I I don’t know um you may not know her name specifically but I guarantee you’ve read some of her work if you’ve ever done any appscript development because she’s actually in charge of our documentation for appscript here at Google and so one second your brother a little early Martin I had a little more to say um one I I wanted to see her blush though so one of the great things about this new host Cara by the way obviously uh um is how much she loves that
(07:02) scripture she brings a great perspective of of not just how you create documentation but all the things people do with it all things you can build with it and I have a couple of stories about her the first one which is simply last week to show you how dedicated she is to this I ping her on her vacation I saw her little orb was green and I didn’t interrupt I go why are you online in your your in your vacation and her answer was well I’m writing an add-on of course I’m like really this this is what
(07:28) you do for your time off so so she truly loves app script I think almost maybe too much perhaps um which is a great tell and then my other favorite thing about it we were born and raised about five miles apart from each other in New Jersey so we’re almost neighbors yeah sure it was a few years apart but uh we’re both from New Jersey so per Ireland welcome to the show as well too thank you so much and that was gentle I got a little scared when you said you had some stories about me so I’m glad it
(07:55) with that one yeah well also we’ve co-presented together and we’re together quite a bit so I’m sure there are anyway so this is our crew going forward so I think this is great we have a bunch of different perspectives I want to jump right into it since this is a review show but also want to look forward a little bit as well too um anybody jump in on this first kind of thought or question we’ve been gone for two years what are some of the big things that stick out that you’ve seen over that period of time
(08:24) that have really changed what you see or think about workspace development well for me and it was um after my first interview for my my current job I asked what what what should I go and do what what do I need to do to be the perfect candidate and they said go and learn about app sheet and it’s ironic having sat on many shows uh talking about app sheet that I’d never really got stuck into it so I did and it’s been quite an eye opener in terms of um a platform and a product where I think not just for no
(09:00) coders I think there’s a lot there for coders as well I think we we’ve already uh seen things like appscript integration into app she app sheet but there’s there’s so much more there and I think right now it’s a really interesting time in terms of a product um in terms of what features are coming through and just seeing people uh being able to get their hands on it so I think a big change quite recently is that a lot of Google workspace customers now have free access to app sheet core so
(09:28) it’s really quite interesting to see how that people are using that product taking that product and doing their own things with it and also supporting customers creating products for them that they can deploy so I think that’s been one of the big ones for me Al how about you Charles bouncing your own question back to you bounce it back to me I was gonna go to Alice first Alice why don’t you tell us what you what you’ve seen and it can be edu or not edu well I mean there’s obviously a AI has just disrupted everything
(10:02) and am completely um useless now because Bard and vertex Ai and Gemini will just do it all for me so how I’m not sure what to do next car what have you seen you know I really when I reflect back on the past couple years I feel like Google workspaces platform has become one of the most approachable platforms um that I’ve seen just from the offerings of app sheet to being able to do things that are low code and appscript I’ve seen our GD Community really share some great Solutions everything from built-in
(10:38) sheets functions through to procode development and so I feel like it really has something for everybody and to Alice’s point about AI it’s we’re just building even more approachability and automation into our platform so it’s yeah it’s a really exciting time for anyone looking to automate their workspace environment yeah and I’ll I’ll take a different spin to the question Martin and I think from a perspective looking internally I think Google has really kind of reinvigorated its it’s frankly
(11:07) it’s love and focus for not just a platform for a workspace but really an ecosystem in fact we’ve rebranded our team in turn of the ecosystem team we’ve actually really built up and really helped Partners go to market we have a partner team now focused on partners that are just dedicated to workspace Partners uh I know Kyra’s team and my team the develop relations team has ALS Al really expanded and and really doubled down on our focus on workspace uh the products themselves and you think things like chat and look at the new me
(11:38) API our investments in wordspace as a Solutions platform whether it’s no code with things like app sheet all the way up to you know full code where you can create you know meat add-ons or you can do things like you know full you know based Solutions with AI in the back end and Chad on the front end I just think the investments in the in the in the workplace Marketplace means you can build solutions that you couldn’t build before in a lot of different ways I think as well it’s like which CH I think that’s as a a
(12:09) platform it’s it’s it’s got the features now but it’s also got the apis and so that I think that’s a really interesting space and to Al’s point I think AI for the the workspace Summit um R remain one of the GDs you talked about AI being the point where we can actually do stuff chat that makes sense you know we we can interface with the the user so much easier but I think also just even in docs and sheets the change you know previously it was a very kind of wordprocessing solution but now it’s
(12:46) with smark chips and you know the whole canvas it is an application interface in itself you know the fact that you can start using using docs in so many more ways than you could previously and be able to do that as a developer as well I think is really interesting I’m really excited to see the shift that it’s more of a collaboration space I me this is what I’ve been saying for years is that Google workspace is a collaboration space as opposed to necessarily just a productivity suite and now you see all of these elements
(13:17) where it’s obvious we’re not intending to print we’re intending to collaborate and so that to me is the biggest shift is really rethinking what this space looks like where it’s strictly collaboration and not just what are we going to print no I agree with you and you know since we’re talking about since we’ve been gone right which is over this kind of last twoyear period one of the most Monumental shifts is exactly what you said Alice it’s collaboration and look at how chat has kind of UPS sered
(13:46) Gmail as the main collaboration focus at least on casual and internal conversation sure maybe when you’re external your organization you still send that formal mail but a lot of folks have really turned to chat as the primary vehicle in fact we buil chat side by side with you know Gmail right inside of the you know so to speak the Hub right so for example and so now chat is kind of like the first interface into workspace for a lot of things we get done like everything I try to start off with I’m notoriously an informal person
(14:14) I don’t schedule meetings and I don’t necessarily like to write mails and so I simply go into chat say hey you there you want to talk I’m in the meet we’re talking where we get on with it and it just it’s changed the way that we look at it and now you Martin to your point we can build solutions that take advantage of these new interfaces these new work experiences where people are actually starting their their Journey on getting things done and actually add Solutions on top of it so I think
(14:38) technically since we’ve been gone obviously there’s been a lot of emphasis on chat I think chat has actually been built out to be pretty vibrant as a platform when we left chat was pretty goodish at doing interactive Bots we used to call them chat Bots moving into apps fast forward two years later not only the interactive Bots way more amazing but also the interactive sorry the the the non-interactive applications you actually can do things like create spaces and add members to it and harvest that information that is chat data that
(15:08) is conversations that is your your IP or your collaboration or whatever you want to call it and then use it in you know doing processing whether that’s AI simply archiving or whatever whatever the use case may be so that’s kind of a a big one for me technically do we want to delve in I can see we’re getting quite a few comments and questions from our live chat uh do we want to pick one of these I’m gonna pick one Charles and Cara might sh go in Terror it’s like pull this one out oh this is a great one for car
(15:44) I’m that is a great question I mean I can’t really share too much I also it’s you know I think one of the main things that the ABS team has been interested in is seeing what they might be able to do with AI I think a lot of us been experimenting with appscript and AI in general but um I think across workspace as you could see with duet and everything we’re trying to figure out you know how AI will affect every part of Google workspace including appscript and so I don’t know what that will look
(16:13) like but that is definitely top of mind for for the appscript team something I see is more maturity in the platform so as a a Google partner we’re we’re supporting our customers and a lot of them are developing stuff in Google appscript themselves um and of our tooling but so it’s an area that I you know I keep a close eye on we’ve seen you know recently you know things like uh version history being added in but I think continually around that kind of security and governance around appscript
(16:44) usage I think generally Google is really on the ball in terms of that stuff uh if you look at kind of The Wider picture in terms like zero trust and I I increasingly see that coming into appscript so that uh for Enterprises that they can um use that as a product with more knowledge that you know they’re doing it in a sensible and manageable and scalable way um so I think that’s my my prediction uh coming for kind of short term in terms of appscript as and I think it’s interesting and you know as we said
(17:18) earlier in the show you know it’s a very approachable platform and you hear a lot of noise about you alternate run times and using your own code and all this other but appscript is still widely the most used tool within the platform Suite I was teasing Cara just prior before her documentation appscript documentation is still the majority of what people are looking at every day in our doc site I saw the stats this morning and literally 4X of the traffic to our documentation site literally goes to appscript and so
(17:50) it’s simply because obviously it’s available it’s easy it’s approachable and you can do it pretty quickly and do a lot of powerful things with it and so you’re absolutely right about that um it just doesn’t get a lot of the Fanfare lately because a lot of the other new things are kind of outside the scope of it but it’s still super important and super interesting there in fact I’m going to bring up a question because I think it’s a great question um hey Marco Marco is uh Marco from laa um ask a
(18:13) question about when will class be revived it’s been stagnating for too long and the gas web editor is not on par with vs code with typescript and all the extensions available so absolutely I actually had this conversation last night with Dimitri from workspace devs and one of the things is uh class is open source and we actually haven’t totally supported it um from a a produ team standpoint there’s been a lot of esks about this I would love to see and G to throw this question back to you uh I would love to see you know is some is
(18:46) this being open source something that we think or we should ask or suggest that the community gets involved in and and and really picking up clasp as a tool I personally don’t use it but I know a lot of people only use it so Mart what do you think yeah it’s it’s I’m not a class fuser um so I think it’s a really interesting time particularly in terms of some of the other products that Google are putting out in terms of um workbenches and project idx um so kind of uh online um development tools so um the fact
(19:26) that do AI for cloud is built into vs code so um I think in terms of clasp I can’t really talk to that too much um but in terms of the IDE I think like a lot of other people I like to see some of that being integrated but I think just generally I think people are adapting their workflows um I I don’t know people like me but quite often I’m using bar now to to help me write my script or just tidy it up um so um you know I’m I’m quite happy with the kind of context switching having used duet AI
(20:07) for code in vs code I find it too intrusive and I actually prefer jumping out into a Bard window uh and just copying pasting stuff and just getting the prompts when I need it um so I think it’s a really challenging one to get right in terms of developer experience of having some of these features at your fingertips but not kind of getting in your way you’re absolutely right and another question not in the list but we get asked a lot is when are you going to include you know AI in theed for me like that does sound good
(20:40) but also sometimes a little dangerous I I by the way I do know our appscript team is exploring how do they bring more AI functionality into the product but you’re right you want to do it in a nonivasive way that actually makes sense not just wedge it in there to do it but you said something else if you ask a trend in the last several months that I’ve been writing code yes I’ve been having a lot of it written for me by Bard and I actually love it and I’m not ashamed to say it I always said the best
(21:03) code is code written for me I I care write my code for me I’m cool with it now it doesn’t doesn’t do a perfect job but it does a really really shockingly good job and I do love that I want to switch gears for a second because we got somebody on here that has um 27 add-ons in the marketplace and I want to talk about Marketplace and Marketplace momentum not just what we as developers are building but also what are people consuming what are people looking for just real quick and and I don’t want to sound like a marketing
(21:34) person here for a second but I do have some stats as you know the addressable market for what we build as solution developers three billion users worldwide 10 million paying businesses over 250 million Educators and and teachers five billion Marketplace app installs 5,500 apps in the marketplace um there’s there’s people that are clearly doing this Alice you spent the time spending billing 27 add-ons we’ll cover that another topic episode we’ll talk about the hard Parts as well as the easy Parts but what have you seen what
(22:08) have you learned what inspired you to do it and what would you encourage other developers exploring is the marketplace a good place to put solutions for themselves Marketplace is hands down the best way to get your ideas out there so before I started publishing to the marketplace I have hundreds of scripts that I’ve made and shared and just trying to distribute it out there and let people know about it is is very difficult so you you it’s more than 10 Xing uh your user base and and to reach out with people but for me being an
(22:36) education you have to understand that Google Docs Google Sheets Google Slides was not designed exclusively for educators it wasn’t an education first product right we use it in the workplace probably um as the primary way of thinking about it and so even if you’re at a workplace what you do at your workplace is very very specific and so where Marketplace is great for is those applications you’re like this is awesome I love Google Docs but I really need to do this for teachers students or my particular workplace and without having
(23:09) that Marketplace to add that extra functionality you’re just frustrated but now it’s it’s open to anyone like I have an idea and I’m just able to coat it up really quick a lot of times I make my add-ons in a day now if I want to clean them up and make them fancy or whatever but you don’t have to get crazy with it to get uh more functionality just take a vacation and build an [Laughter] add-on so actually another good side I have another question so I actually want to celebrate absp P so Martin po if you
(23:44) don’t know and I’ve got two questions first of all the celebration is because he has just passed his 1,000th post post which is is a great if you don’t subscribe to this by the way please do it’s a great way just to stay on touch with with not just appscript and we’ll talk about that in a second but um really all things Works Spas do so first of all congrats to doing that but I got to ask Martin this question again from a Marketplace standpoint what drives you to continuously do do this I
(24:11) mean you’ve been at GD for how long this is my 10th year as a GD uh never thought I’d be doing a decade of stuff I have awesome you know Martin when I write release notes for appscript I don’t think oh how is this gonna on developers.google.com I like just G to look on pulse I’ve been I I went through a phase where I was reposting release notes into but um I I have to say so pulse it it you know the only reason it exists is community content so if there if people weren’t writing and sharing things about
(24:53) Google workspace development it would be a very lonely and empty website so so if you haven’t haven’t visited pulse actually one of the most recent things on there is um Chanel Greco one of Charles’s and car car’s colleagues had did a has started a series of videos which had are just doing a summary of what’s changed in that yeah a video newsletter um so highly recommend that so that for me actually you know you can see and I suppose car this is the challenge for you you’ve got the written form quite
(25:32) predominantly and maybe some visuals but um uh Chanel’s video I thought she in five minutes she squeezed in so much information so highly recommend just subscribing to those um just to keep a breast those means I don’t have to start doing summaries of release notes on pulse I can just point to the video um so but um yeah um as I say it’s it’s if Community wasn’t writing content I I’d be lonely so I think it takes I think it takes both right I mean I think and you know if you look down below you can see
(26:10) that uh a reference to the kind of the official if you will the official Google uh workspace Developers YouTube channel which know Chanel a former gde joined our team and really brought a great face and a great ability to to bring things down to five minutes I say everything I can say in 60 minutes she can say in five and so the beautiful thing is you can go up there and you can learn very quickly and and and and see a lot of things that we’re doing and she’s added this new segment to stay on top of the
(26:36) news because frankly there is so much news in work like I said it’s been a huge investment area Force um with obviously totally inscripted what we kind of do is a little bit opposite we want to keep this very Community Centric and obviously do that as you know we’re not as hopefully as polished because that’s not not really our Focus it’s really making sure that we kind of tell the stories of what about what people are doing so I think there’s a there’s a great amount of content being put out
(26:56) because there’s a great amount of things that people are curious and um k switch to you for a second so obviously you you have a really interesting perspective is you get to see all things that people are looking at right obviously you get statistics and you know what people are looking for in content I also know that one of the great things your team does is you react to that for example a while ago you rebuilt and Rec kind branded the the outline and the way people can flow through documentation for appscript I
(27:20) know recently the chat team did the same thing if you’re building chat apps it’s so much easier now to go through and see the new navigation and the new elements for chat the documentation become so much more effective and I love that but what are you seeing from a from what users are looking for what people want to do what’s kind of been the big Focus for you specifically in the world of documentation uh well for me specifically uh what I what I would like to touch on is my team working on uh the
(27:46) chat documentation because they’ve seen huge growth in use of the chat API and people building more and more chat apps and that I think a lot of that was driven by the great developer Journey work that our team did to really make the documentation experience a place where you can go step by step through building a chat app using the chat API um in addition to the latest release of the advanced service in appscript so now you can more easily build chat apps in appscript which is great um so we’re seeing a lot of growth in the chat space
(28:20) which makes sense I mean that’s been a growing area for a while now um another thing that we’re seeing is just more and more interest in add-ons I think both internally and externally you know we recently added the ability to create link previews and we are in developer preview with you know thirdparty resource creation meaning you know with your link preview you can um you can create one right from Doc so you can create a task if you’re in a meeting and you want to build out tasks in a project management software you could you know
(28:50) create a task right from docs and have that link preview returned back to you um and so if you’re not in the developer preview program you know I I encourage you to sign up and try that it’s a great new feature and I think we’ll see more and more interest in add-ons which for me is exciting because I’m also the writer for add-ons and so I will be focusing on improving that developer experience and you know implementing a lot of the lessons that the chat writers have taught us on developer Journeys and
(29:19) trying to apply that to the add-on space you even theic an add online I love that uh he so real quick I’m gon one of the weird things is we’re cutting this down to 45 minutes so we have to go faster so I want to do a lightning round looking back I’m G to give you two questions looking back what’s like the biggest feature thing that excited you the most oh gosh and then think on that one and then looking forward is taking notes not revealing any secrets what are some of the things Alis is taking notes the favorite thing what
(29:53) are you most excited about in either working with yourself or seeing evolve or seeing the community use seeing what developers can build going forward from this point who’d like to go first I can go first and if I talk slow enough I can think of something I think I think looking back um I think just bringing it back I for me app sheet has brought some really nice features and just to kind of bring it back to chat as well the chat integration with’ AP she is just I I can’t whoever did that I can’t thank you
(30:36) enough um and I think that’s kind of the missing piece in terms of chat uh as an advanced service I me in terms of accessibility a lot easier for developers to start straight from there to start using chat but you still got that point of going into the cloud console creating projects blah blah blah blah app sheet you’re clicking buttons and you’re there you you’ve created your chat app um and you know you’re presenting your own interfaces back to the user um so looking forward you know Alice me mentioned AI I
(31:16) I’m really excited about generative AI in workspace um I I I’d see I you know we’re we’re still in this playful period of exploring what what is possible but I think we’re we’re getting to the point where we’ve we’ve played enough that we understand what it can do and its capabilities um this week I published something around Gemini Pro and function calling if you’ve not come across function calling Gemini Pro dig out you’ll find it on pulse um the post is there I think it’s really
(31:55) fascinating in terms of essentially you’re providing the tooling to your generative AI model in this case Gemini and it then works out whether not it should be calling one of your functions and it’s not actually running your function it’s telling you that this is the function these are parameters and the fact that you’re doing that in appscript where a big core piece of that is the user identity you’re running those functions as the user for me that is a whole world of really useful and interesting
(32:28) opportunities um and you know you’re seeing me at kind of week one of this I I’m I’m going to be in there for a long time figuring this stuff out and hopefully sharing as much as I can along the way cool Alice oh I I wrote it down because I get uh like a squirrel you know just I think the thing for me that’s the most exciting is got the wrong person my bad just that is for everyone you know the the using Google app script and using Google workspace is really accessible for even people who are newbies i’ I’ve worked
(33:08) with some people who’ have never coded in their life they’re at least an intermediate user of Google ads but they can create um add-ons and things and so I’ve been working with people for years but I think what I’m really looking forward to is that we can iterate faster you know there’s several things that just above my pay grade that I just didn’t know how to do and I throw it into G of AI and it’s like oh here’s some code that you can build with and now I’m creating bigger better faster and then really
(33:36) making that more accessible to other people just teaching people a few quick prompts and they’re able to iterate these things much quicker and so I’m really excited to see what everybody comes up with that really solves those pain points especially in education Cara yeah I mean plus one to everything that’s already been said uh this might not be a big thing in general but for me one of the most exciting things was finally being able to have the diff View and project history in appscript I just love it it’s
(34:09) so helpful for me I often go back to my code and try to see what I did before if something is broken or I need to revert or or fix something it’s just I just love it um but looking forward I agree generative AI has really changed the game it helps me code so much faster I’m so excited to have programmatic access to it using it with appscript to be able to prototype ideas for our team on you know our processes and and samples that we can provide to the public it’s just it’s a very exciting time for us to be able to
(34:43) uh explore and play with what’s possible how about you Charles boun back your own question back to you at the answer my own question so first of all I I have too many things that I’m really excited about um if product wise for me I think it’s kind of been the evolution of of chat as a platform for what you can do with it if I was to narrow it down I love the chat API um the fact you can now do things with chat not just as an app but actually as an administrator or solution Builder or someone trying to actually
(35:14) Harvest that data out of there um I also love the advanced service on top of that so from appscript now I actually can chat like literally send messages in or do some cool things straight from appscript so I I love the the evolution that chats become more of a platform more accessible um you know echoing going forward it’s really the same similar thing one of the things I also kind of love looking back that also looks forward is workspace was already AI enabled right we had the framework we had the we had the users
(35:43) using the products we had the interfaces we had the Open Accessibility from those interfaces to to make calls to any backend engine that’s doing you know artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be even a Google prodct it could be anything else and so the fact that workspace was already without really a lot of Engineering in the platform able to take advantage of AI I think that’s super neat um carrying that on though what I’m really excited about I’m and I’m hopeful for and I’m hearing a lot of
(36:09) people trying to figure out how to do this right and hear Google trying to figure out how to do it right with things like duet AI is how do we actually leverage the content in workspace as part of those AI solutions for example I have a thousand documents in drive when I can start using those to train my models right or I can start using those to actually do things with so I can write that 101 article or in your case Martin that 101 Post where it’s now looking at my voice my language my history my content actually helping
(36:39) me do it you know help me write so to speak and help me write on models that are based on my content so there’s a lot of work to get there and get it right we’ve got protection laws around data privacy we’ve got to make sure we we we do that right as developers but the type of solutions you can build so yes we can do less busy work yes we can actually make solutions that all these docs I wrote in the past all these spreadsheets I’ve built on all these slide decks actually can go forward and and and be
(37:05) used as data just like you know chat information as well too so I’m excited about that I think that that’s really going to be the future I think it’s a game Cher you know as we mentioned at the top it kind of feels like it’s the only thing people are talking about right now I think the great thing is it just naturally kind of snaps into work workspace but I think you know to bring it back to what Alice says still the answer is always a it’s you know I’ve talked about app sheet um but you know it’s still a lot
(37:35) of the customers and kind of a lot of the day-to-day work I’m doing is is with Google Sheets and you know using that as an interface um so um Alice you’re you’re safe we still need you to rule us um so Jorge wanted to jump in and I absolutely love that you did this Jorge Jorge says the past is the new Ed the fastest faster way to create add-ons in the future AI as a co-coder I love that it’s a great one thank you J for sharing that yes big plus one love the new editor it’s a huge Improvement it’s funny to think about it
(38:11) used to look like just a couple something we’ve touched upon is the developer preview program um and and the something I I wanted to play with over uh the holidays but got sucked into generative AI was the meet SDK um I think that’s another platform that we we shouldn’t you know I think chat yes I think that in term you Charles you mentioned in terms of communication how it works alongside um Gmail meet is a big piece in terms of how we as a business operate dayto day um I’m sure no surprises a lot of other
(38:55) people are um you know using Meats quite heavily um but I I’m really interested by and hopefully we’ll have a show on this with the meet capabilities with the API just to get data and set up calls but also that whole real estate I think is a really interesting uh proposition in terms of being able to build on top of meat quite easily it look the demo I saw was really simple in terms of a couple lines of code you’re starting to be able to customize it um so that that’s that’s from the developer preview
(39:34) program if people haven’t signed up to that yeah Abend if I could go full circle on both those thoughts first of all the dpps we call it developer PR program that folks on my team Serene and V were really instrumental of of working with RPMs to get the information out early and it’s been super helpful for developers to see what’s coming for it actually hits the marketplace you can play with it your solution can be ready from our side we get great input and great feedback and we actually are able
(40:00) to make adjustments and change features and get it right before we go ga so if you haven’t signed up this you want to see what the future is uh you know at the the link down the bottom of the page here is a great place to get started please do sign up for that and a great shout out there as you said with you know with meat and again we definitely plan to have an episode and bring the meat team on and talk more about it I think some of the use cases are just brilliant one of my favorite little demos that I worked with somebody on was
(40:25) the ability to actually have a meat transcript already synthesized and and ask questions from a chat app hey what was that meeting about what did I miss what are all the topics what are the action items and it’s brilliant and again just just you know meat is now a data source meat is now a UI service meat is now an integrative opportunity to have within your workf flows and so all these great things where you know me is now going to be a first party uh API to actually do things with it’s again it’s it’s another playground for us I
(40:51) think it’s going to be super exciting so iin just to add to that I really love that meet add-ons are the first Google workspace add-on to support iframes there you go big moment for Google workspace add-ons and I’m surprised I’m sure that is a comment coming up or has come up and again we’ll talk about those things as well too so um you know a lot going on we are getting super close to time and I want to remind everybody who’s tuned in first of all thank you for doing so if you’re watching this as
(41:18) a recording please we still encourage you put comments down below let us know what you’d like to see raise your hand to participate we’ love to make this make sure this is a community show as you can tell we can talk until the cows come home but we’d love to have you join us and actually share your insights into those type of things here so absolutely um first of all gang first of all Martin thank you so much for bringing this back I appreciate that Allison KY thank you so much for agreeing to join us and
(41:44) share your perspectives um 2024 what do you guys think what are we up to what uh what do we do we want to give any teasers for the next show Absolutely just going to make people sit there and wait well I’m super excited because we’ve got uh someone from the community confirmed to join us so if you’ve seen um Alan The Prisoner penber uh present he he’s been a GD longer to me um so he’s a font of knowledge uh around Google Cloud but right now he’s got some particularly good insights and knowledge around
(42:29) generative AI so I’m afraid if you’re sick of generative AI uh skip the next episode uh because that’s what we’re we’re talking about it’s just that um I think you’re gonna want that and on our side I got a couple of Google folks that are aging to agreed to come and join us as well too Donado Muhammad will come on and talk about the partners they work with the customers they’re talking to about how they’re using consuming and frankly even what they’re asking for and hopefully time permitted we’ve got some
(42:57) good demos that they may bump into as well too and show you some of those things so with that I mean I think again we’re staying within our time limit we hope to do this we look forward to do this with the community going forward and hopefully you’ll have some fun but with that last words for me anybody else yeah it’s fun pleasure to be here thanks guys do I get the final word you get final word happy scripting [Music]

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