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Potty PD – A Canva Template from Kelli Howard

Free Canva Template for Potty PD by Kelli Howard
Potty PD – A Canva Template from Kelli Howard

Last week, you may have seen Kelli Howard’s #PottyPD post. If you follow this hashtag, you’ll find a ton of ideas, but Kelli’s tissue went viral….maybe it’s because she didn’t wash her hands! Haha, JK, had to get a germ-potty pun in there. 

What is Potty PD?

Lots of tech coaches are posting these issues, or “tissues,” in the bathroom or next to the copy machine so busy teachers can look at it when they are waiting to…uh…you know…go, or waiting while someone hurriedly fixes the jammed copier. If you think this would be a hit with your colleagues, decide which is preferable or put them in both places! Kelli has been so kind to share her Canva Template with us. Just change it out with new tech that fits your campus needs, each week (or however frequently you feel), but don’t forget to wash your hands! I know, I know, the potty humor is as bad as dad jokes! 

What Will You Share?

Make sure what you share is something your colleagues can read and remember in two minutes or less. Kelli also uses it to give shoutouts, so make sure to visit teachers and really see how they are implementing tech in their lessons and showing student success. In fact, use their tech ideas when they share them with you! They know what is helping make their workload more efficient and sharing is caring! 

Keep Sharing What is Working!

If Potty PD turns out to be a great fit for your school community share it with the rest of us using the hashtag #PottyPD. Give shoutouts if you are using someone else’s idea and share how it’s benefiting your school.  OR if you have an idea that you will be trying, you can even share that using the hashtag. Just remember to flush and wash.

About Kelli Howard

This is my first year serving as the Technology Integration Specialist and Title I Coordinator at Munford Elementary School, Talladega County Board of Education.

14th year in education. Teaching experience ranging from 6th-8th grade Math, Social Studies, and STEAM. Background and experience in graphic design.

Not my original idea…but isn’t that what teaching is all about-stealing others ideas and making them your own  There are several ideas of this concept floating around different social media platforms. I loved the idea and thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate into the services I provide our teachers. As a Tech coach, I use Google’s 5-step Certified Coaching Model to work 1:1 with 4 to 6 educators in my building each 9 Weeks to help them use technology in more meaningful and impactful ways in their classrooms. Because of the size of my school that means I won’t be able to work with everyone each year. So additionally, I am focusing on ways I can also provide layers of Tech PD for everyone throughout the entire school year. I have placed these acrylic sign holders in all the faculty and staff bathrooms around the school. My goal is to create new “Tissues” of Potty PD and change them out every two weeks. This will provide an opportunity to expose our faculty and staff to new tech tips, tools, and shortcuts all throughout the year as well as opportunities to celebrate the success of the innovative approaches our teachers at MES work so hard to provide our students.

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