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Coffee with Kim Bearden & Alice Keeler & Melody McAllister

Coffee with Kim Bearden & Alice Keeler & Melody McAllister
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We had a wonderful guest this week Kim Bearden who is super fun, has great hair, and a real passion for students and educators. You might already know her as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Ron Clark Academy. She also teaches ELA everyday and shares about her experiences in remote teaching and welcoming students back to RCA this last week!

Kim Bearden Author

From Mel: I have read all of Kim’s books and love each of them. Kim is a fantastic story teller and talks about challenging situations with parents, admin, or coworkers that every teacher has probably found themself involved in at one point in time. Fight Song isn’t about fighting someone but it’s funny because often times, when we are involved in highly-emotional situations, we do want to fight! We want to get back at whomever has made us upset or has clearly misunderstood us! But experience tells us fighting back without wisdom and grace will lead to a situation that no one wins, certainly not our students. Kim said this morning that Fight Song is about the inner fight we have to come back from adversity, and whether that adversity is happening from out daily lives as humans or from conflict we face as professionals, she helps equip us with practical ways that may lead us to a come back! When I pick up her books, I feel like I’m having a conversation with her in my head. I’m so glad she came on with us this morning. She’s just a good human.

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#1 Video on YouTube

This is NOT the #1 video on YouTube but Melody McAllister wants it to be! At least the #1 video on Alice Keeler’s YouTube channel 🙂

YouTube video

Melody’s favorite spot in the video is at the 35 second mark. Queue up here:

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