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Quizzes in PowerPoint by @VictoriaTheTech

I really appreciate how PowerPoint gives us the option to integrate these platforms to bring student responses and feedback to life.
Quizzes in PowerPoint by @VictoriaTheTech

Guest Post by Victoria Thompson

Not too long ago I wrote about adding Forms into PowerPoint, which will now be my go-to method for collecting feedback directly in a PowerPoint presentation. Out of interest, I decided to play around with this feature a bit more to see what else can be done. Well, not only do you have the option to add an entire form, you also have the option to add a QUIZ directly into PowerPoint! Even better, you can even add an existing quiz into your PowerPoint presentation—meaning that, if you already have a quiz created through Microsoft Forms, you can add it directly into your PowerPoint!

I can see so many useful purposes for this in education, specifically with quizzes “on the go,” checks for understanding, and making lessons more interactive.

Steps for Quizzes in PowerPoint:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and choose the slide in which you want to insert a form. I usually do this at the end of the professional developments/sessions that I hold. If you’re teaching a class and are interested in incorporating feedback at the end, you might also want to take this approach as well. 
  2. On the Insert tab, select Forms. This will open Forms for you.
  3. A Forms panel will open on the right of your PowerPoint presentation, and this is where it gets fun! Under My Forms, click “New Quiz” to begin creating a quiz directly into the PowerPoint.
  4. If you’d like to input an existing Quiz, you want to insert into your slide under My forms in the panel. Find it, click on it, and then click “Insert” to put it directly into your PowerPoint. 

What’s also interesting is that you can edit your quizzes directly in PowerPoint, too! Just select the “Edit” button if you’d like to do so. The “Edit” button is also where you’ll review the responses from your quiz.

I really appreciate how PowerPoint gives us the option to integrate these platforms to bring student responses and feedback to life. I can’t wait to share this with my teachers so they can utilize this in their classrooms!

About The Author

Victoria Thompson is a STEM Integration Transformation Coach at Technology Access Foundation–a nonprofit leader redefining STEM education in public schools–and a consultant for Ignite EdTech. She has been in education for five years and began her journey teaching fifth and sixth grade math and science in Summerville, SC. After completing her masters degree in curriculum and instruction she moved to the Seattle, WA area in 2018, where her career has pivoted to focusing on STEM integration in schools, K-12 mathematics instruction with research on decolonizing mathematics curriculum for teachers and learners, creating inclusive math environments, and using technology to bridge equity gaps in math education.

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