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Happy Hanukkah! Remote “Dreidel On Deck”

From the creator of Flubaroo and Certify’em, Dave Abouav used Google Slides to play dreidel.

Dave made this for his daughter who is not able to be with her friends this season in person. First make a copy of the Google Slides and add players as editors of the Google Slides. The Add-on will need to be authorized and it will warn you that it has not been approved by Google. This is correct, it was not submitted to Google. I personally know Dave Abouav and he’s a really good guy. I trust him, but you should always be careful about authorizing Add-ons from people you do not know.

Hosting the Game

After the “Dreidel-On-Deck” menu loads, choose “Host Game.”

Share with Editor Access

Why Google Slides… because you can be on the same Google Slides at the same time!!! Click the yellow share button in the upper right and invite your remote friends to collaborate on the Slides.

Join a Google Meet or Zoom

Choose your favorite video conferencing tool and screenshare “Dreidel-On-Deck.” You do not have to screenshare since all players should have the collaborative Google Slides open at the same time.

Scoreboard Table

Players enter their name into the scoreboard table.

Start Game Play

From the sidebar, the host should click “Start game play.”

Drag the Dreidel

When it is your turn it is imperative that you drag the dreidel onto the table.

Wait for the magic!

Dragging the dreidel to the table, waiting a few seconds… and the turn goes!


Each player starts with 20 Gelt. The game automatically calculates Gelt totals. The only player with Gelt wins the game.

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