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[Template] Translate Meeting Chat to ALL Languages

I was talking with a teacher who is teaching students who come from a variety of backgrounds. The issue she was having while on a video meeting was the chat. The chat doesn’t translate and there were more than two languages being spoken.



After making a copy of the template, share the spreadsheet with the students with edit access.

Students have the spreadsheet visible side by side with the video meeting. Instead of chatting into the video platform chat, students can use the spreadsheet and chat in Column B. You will need to work with students to look for a cell having a colored border. This indicates that someone is typing in that cell.

ANY supported language of Google Translate typed into Column B will automatically be translated into English in Column C.

Column D and all of the columns to the right translate what the student typed into all of the other supported languages. Delete the columns for translation that you do not need supported during the chat.


Since you are the owner of the spreadsheet you can highlight columns C to BK and right click to protect range to prevent students from editing the translation columns

As the chat moves, highlight the rows that are already read by everyone and right click to HIDE the rows.

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