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Kick Your Teaching Efficiency Up a Notch with Google Apps Script

Kick Your Teaching Efficiency Up a Notch with Google Apps Script
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As a teacher we do things at least 30 times, and as a high school teacher over 100 times! There are so many things that we have to do per student. Knowing how to code Google Apps Script allows you to answer the question “Why can’t I do ___ with Google Docs?” You might be able to, if you code it yourself!

Be Able to Edit

Learning just a little Google Apps Script to code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc… can has some valuable benefits to allow you to do what it is you want to do with Google Apps. However, you do not need to know how to code big projects. I have coded many projects that you can just use without any coding necessary. See my free Add-ons I coded. I think many are very helpful, but obviously not designed for your specific way you run your class. If you know just a tiny bit of Google Apps Script you can modify the code I have to do the more specific uses you need.

Intro to Google Apps Script Coding Webinar

I did a workshop this week to introduce teachers to the possibility that they could code. YOU CAN CODE! The objective of this webinar is to do know that coding Google Apps exists. You won’t be an expert in coding after an hour, but the goal is that you would feel “I can learn this!”

In the webinar you will get to learn to code a secret message for your students. This is one line of code and super fun! You will want to add this to all of your students work.

You will also see how easy it is to code mail merge. To update a document template with information. This is at a super basic level and at the end I show you how once you learn more Google Apps Script how you can do a more robust mail merge (and I have a tutorial on this on my website).

Free Google Apps Script Tutorials

I have some blog posts for beginners to get started using Google Apps Script.

Premium Membership

This webinar was part of my premium membership content. As part of premium membership I am currently offering a Drip workshop on learning to code with Google Apps Script.

Other benefits of membership are

  • Access to Go Slow Online Workshops
  • Exclusive webinars
  • Premium Add-ons
  • Drip workshops
  • Office hours to get support and ask anything you want
  • Weekly check in to be able to ask questions

1 thought on “Kick Your Teaching Efficiency Up a Notch with Google Apps Script

  1. So I saw online where this teacher was sending out automatic emails when a kid abandoned a library book. After watching the video, I typed in a copy of the script to my spreadsheet as it was displayed on the video. After taking a morning to find the letter ‘s’ on one of the variables and then the afternoon to find out what a trigger was, oh and some time to figure that the teacher email list was another sheet in the spreadsheet…it worked. Thanks!

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