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Microsoft Teams Meeting: Setting Students as Attendees

Microsoft Teams Meeting: Setting Students as Attendees
Meeting options in Microsoft Teams

By default when you add participants to a Teams Meeting they are added as presenters. This poses an issue since students can mute each other, remove each other from the Meeting and stop the recording.

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Use Calendar

When creating a Meeting with your students go to Calendar in Microsoft Teams. Set the date and time. Choose the channel you want the Meeting to post to.

Meeting Options

AFTER the Meeting has posted to Calendar, you can click back on the Meeting in Calendar and there is additional options that are not there when you create the calendar event.

Click on Meeting options.

Meeting options will open in a new tab. The default is everyone is set to “Who can present?” Which really means… who has presenter rights? Change this from “Everyone” to “Only me.”

Every Time

Unfortunately, this must be done each time for every Meeting you schedule with students. Send your feedback to Teams, they listen! Defaulting to attendees would obviously be my preferred setting.

Teams Meeting Playlist

Disclosure, Microsoft asked me to please make a Teams Meeting playlist in response to some confusion on this topic. Making this blog post was not part of the agreement, however I thought the information was valuable enough to want to share it.

Playlist made in partnership with Microsoft.

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