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Obviously The Internet Will Break

Obviously the internet will break
Obviously The Internet Will Break

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As Expected, Tech Products Can Not Keep Up With High Demand

It is unsurprising that many EdTech (or just tech) products are experiencing glitches, crashes, and slow customer service response. No one would predict that a global demand of video, meeting apps, and other tech products would literally overnight increase.


Videos in Google Drive not yet rendered
Google Drive is having slow rendering time processing video currently.

I use Screencastify multiple times a day! I made several videos today and added to Google Classroom and it was reported to me that the videos were not rendered. Screencastify automatically saves to Google Drive. Usually it is pretty fast for a videos to render and be available. I don’t even think twice about adding an unrendered video to a Google Classroom assignment since I know it will be available probably before any student opens the assignment. I am not going to panic. Everything is going to balance out and be okay.

Videos are Under My Recordings

Notice in my short YouTube video below that I am able to go to My Recordings in Screencastify and all my videos are there and rendered. So no stress, I have not lost anything. Patience and understanding. Google Drive videos will be fixed.

YouTube video

Screencastify Certification

While we wait for all to be restored in the world, check out the FREE certifications Screencastify has.


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