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Sit Next to Kids

sit next to kids
Sit Next to Kids
Sit next to kids

Talk Less Have Students Do More

One of my things I promote is leveraging technology to allow you to talk less so students can do more in the time they have. This also frees you up from talking at kids to talking WITH kids. Much more powerful. Is there anything better than sitting next to a kid?

A teacher gave me this comment in response to my suggestion to post directions digitally:

This idea has transformed my teaching over the past few years. Sitting next to students and working directly with them has made every aspect of teaching better for me – better class management, increased engagement, more affirming and positive class culture, closer relationships with students, more solid community. Two years ago I had a struggling student say to me “you know Williams, other teachers don’t do this.” And I replied “what do you mean?” he said “nobody has ever sat down and helped me understand.” And I felt happy but then I felt sad because we all really need to sit down and help our students understand.

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