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WeVideo and Google Tool Blog Post by @breicher

Bruce Reicher WeVideo
WeVideo and Google Tool Blog Post by @breicher
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Bruce Reicher WeVideo

Getting Students into Video

Guest blog post by – Bruce Reicher

Video and Chromebooks

Three years ago my district was switching from tablets to Chromebooks and we were looking for a video editing solution that was cloud based. We soon discovered that WeVideo was a powerful and safe solution that worked perfectly with Google Tools such as Google Drive and Google Classroom. Students accounts were easily uploaded to WeVideo and now students just had to click on the red circle of G to log in.

Save Time with Video Templates

Once into the program students could choose templates or create on a blank slate. Students can also begin projects on their own or choose to collaborate with a partner. This collaboration saves a lot of time when one student and their partner can seamlessly continue the project. It’s great that students can start their project on any device such as a phone or tablet and continue their project on a laptop or desktop. This is a real time saver so the student doesn’t have to be on a specific device to edit their video.

Copyright Free Collection of Assets

WeVideo not only has music, titles, backgrounds and transitions, but continually adds to it’s program. Two years ago they introduced the essential collection that provides the students with assets of video clips, audio clips and still clips. This copyright free collection has grown to over 1 million strong.

This has improved the videos students produce while teaching them good digital citizenship of using only copyright free materials. My students have also enjoyed using our green screen in our classroom as well as the green screen clips inside the essential collection.

Connect to Google Drive

WeVideo has also added a connection to your Google Drive so students can pull up scripts and rubrics once they are inside the WeVideo environment.

Use WeVideo for Podcasting

Finally, WeVideo has added an export out for audio to it’s features. This has now made WeVideo is one stop place to go for video production and podcasting. Go to the educator section on the WeVideo website and try it free for 30 days. You will get unlimited access and seats for 30 students.

About Bruce Reicher

Bruce Reicher has been an educator for over 2O years as a technology teacher. Reicher teachers in Northern New Jersey where his middle school students produce a live 8 minute new show every day. Reicher’s students have produced over 1,200 live shows. Reicher is known for his calm hands-on approach with students and professional development with adults. He presents emerging technology to local, state and national conferences. Reicher is also been a board of education member for the past 7 years in Hawthorne, NJ. 

heck out his Wakelet collection www.wakelet.com/@reicher tech ed resources including WeVideo, Green Screen and Student TV productions.


1 thought on “WeVideo and Google Tool Blog Post by @breicher

  1. Thank you for the wevideo tips. My classroom is new to chromebooks and I have been looking for a video production app to use. I love that it connects to our google drives since our district is now a google school. I look forward to trying this out.

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