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Google Classroom: Announce Your Agenda

Announce Your Agenda
Google Classroom: Announce Your Agenda
Announce Your Agenda in Google Classroom

Post Your Agenda to the Stream

In Google Classroom the landing page for your class is the Stream. This is where you can post announcements and where assignments are announced. One thing I want to eliminate is “What are we doing today?” One way to eliminate this is to create an announcement on the Stream with the days agenda.

Google Classroom online workshop

Click to Post

At the top of the Stream, under the header, is an option to “Share something with your class.” Click on this.

Post something to the Stream

Number Your Assignments

My very very best tip is to number all of your assignments with a hashtag and a 3 digit number. In the announcement type the day of the week and the date so it is clear what day the agenda is for. Beneath that list the assignment numbers the students will be working on that day along with a brief title of the activity. By using assignment numbers the students will be able to more easily locate the assignments on the Classwork tab.

Add a Video

Research shows that YOU make a huge difference in the classroom. Use the Chrome extension Screencastify to record a short hello and intro to what you are doing that day. This helps to bring clarity to what is going on that day and builds relationships with students. Screencastify automatically saves to Google Drive so it’s wicked easy to add to your daily agenda post! Simply click on the Google Drive icon and since you just made it, your video is sitting right there to add.

Add Resources

What resources for the day might you add that would be helpful for your students? In the bottom left of your announcement are 4 icons to allow you to link to any content you want.

Add links to an announcement

A word of caution: Any Google Docs added to an announcement are added as “View only.” If you added the document to an assignment as “students can edit file” this will be overridden and changed to view only.

Anything on the Classwork page that students will be doing, consider linking to that in the daily agenda.

Duplicate the Tab

In Google Chrome, right click on the tab and choose “Duplicate” and click on the Classwork tab. Since you are editing your daily agenda, this helps you to not lose your edit.

Find the Assignments

On the assignments stripes on the Classwork page, click on the 3 dots and choose “Copy link.”

three dots of your agenda

Then go back to the other tab where you are editing the announcement for the daily agenda and click on the link icon. Paste the link to the assignment on the Classwork page into the agenda announcement. Repeat for all of the assignments the students will be working on that day.

your agenda link
Posted agenda announcement on the Stream
Google Classroom announcement on the Stream that lists the assignments for the day, includes a welcome video, and links to the assignments on the Classwork page.
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