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Create a Special Calendar

create new calendar
Create a Special Calendar
create new calendar

Create Additional Google Calendars

Did you know Google Calendar supports being able to have multiple layered calendars in one? This can be helpful for allowing you to set up a calendar for special reasons without cluttering up your calendar.

For example, I set up a Google Calendar just for school field trip and events. Yes, these can go on the master calendar, which is also a Google Calendar, but the events get lost in all of the other things posted on the calendar. When you’re wondering about field trips you want to only see a list of field trips.

I have another calendar just for lesson planning. I don’t want my Algebra lesson plans to be on the same calendar as my faculty meetings and after school yard duty reminders. I also want a different one for Geometry. This allows me to view ONLY Algebra assignments or ONLY Geometry assignments to make sure I have all my plans in order for the week.

Add a Calendar

On the left hand side of Google Calendar, above your calendar list, it says “Add a calendar.” When you hover over this, 3 dots show up.

3 dots more menu to add a calendar

Choose “Create new calendar.”

Name the Calendar

Pick a meaningful name for the calendar and click “Create calendar.”

Share Calendar

On the left hand side, locate your calendar and click on it to expand out the table of contents of settings.

Table of Contents of Settings

Click on “Access permissions.”

If the calendar is just for you, there is nothing to do here. However, if you want to allow others to access your calendar you will want to change the access permissions and/or add people to have access to the calendar.

Go Back to Calendar

In the upper left is an arrow to back out of the Settings.

back out of the settings

Set Color

A calendar color will automatically be created for you. You want to create a distinguishing color from your other calendars. Hover over your calendar on the left hand side and click on the 3 dots More menu.

Choose the color from the palette of options.

Display This Only

One thing that is super helpful is the ability to hide all of your other calendars and just view the events on the one calendar. Again, click on the 3 dots on the calendar listed on the left hand side and choose “Display this only.” This will deselect all of the other calendars and allow you to focus strictly on the purpose of this calendar.

Create an Event

Click on the calendar anywhere to create an event. It will default to your default calendar unless you have chosen “Display this only” and then it will default to the displayed calendar.

Be sure to click on the calendar (this is where color is really helpful!) to switch to your special calendar to post.

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