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Google Docs: Check the Comments

alert students to the comment icon
Google Docs: Check the Comments
alert students to the comment icon

Step 1 Click The Comments Icon

When collaborating in a Google Doc, Sheets, or Slides all of the document comments are collected in one place.

Google Docs Comment Icon

Next to the Share Button

You will find the comments icon next to the Share button in Docs, Sheets, or Slides. It looks like a speech balloon with 3 lines.

Teacher Feedback

The keyboard shortcut for inserting comments in a document is Control + Alt + M (Command Option M on a Mac). Highlight the text you want to leave a comment on and use the shortcut to insert feedback for students.

Instruct Students to Look for Feedback

In a lengthy Google Doc or a multi-slide Google Slides it might be tricky for students to find where your recent feedback comments are. After providing feedback to students alert them to click on the comments icon next to the share button.

Click here for a link to my Google Drawing if you would like to add the icon to your assignment when reminding students to check for comments.

Most recent comment at the top

The most recent comment left in the document will be the first in the comments list. This prevents students from having to scroll and try to find if any comments were left.

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