clip up chart at the faculty meeting

A tweet by Jon LeFevre indicated that a clip up chart was put up in a faculty meeting. Turns out, no surprise, the adults didn’t like it. So why are we doing this to kids?

On multiple occasions when I have picked up my kids from school they report to me who in class clipped down. While I tell them that is not something to report, how is it that they know that information in the first place?

I have multiple times talked with a parent telling me a story of how their good child was devastated over clipping down. Their mistake, whatever it was, was publicly published for every kid in the class to see. Their kid’s day was ruined and it was what they obsessed over for at least the entire day.

While you may work harder to make it to the faculty meeting on time if the principal was going to publicly clip you down, is that a place you want to work?

Do the ends justify the means? While well intentioned, clip up charts can have a devastating effect on a students self perception. A kid who usually clips up is devastated over one clip down. They let other kids in the class know who the bad kids are. Labeling kids is not a good thing.

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