How many ways can you write out 27 + 8_

How Many Ways Can You Write 27 + 8?

Rule, after you find the solution whatever way you want, you have to do it another way. Too often we focus on algorithm procedures rather than number sense or place value. In an age where you can ask the universe “Ok Google” and the answers come to you anywhere any time, we can shift from what is the answer to how do you understand the answer?

27 + 8

While 27 + 8 is a relatively easy math problem to calculate it can make for some very interesting ways to look at it.

Google Slides

Add a slide to the collaborative Google Slides. Add a textbox to the slide and share your thinking, your strategy. Don’t worry if someone else did the same strategy. What is another way to think about this than the standard algorithm?

Link to the Google Slides

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