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Acer Chrometab: Chromebook + Tablet

Acer Chrometab Chromebook Alice Keeler
Acer Chrometab: Chromebook + Tablet

Acer Chrometab 10

Acer Tablet AND Chromebook

Acer just came out with a new Chromebook… that is a 10″ tablet. This is not an android tablet, it is a Chromebook. However, Chromebooks can run Android apps so it is an Android tablet. But it’s a Chromebook. I keep saying this because I love Chromebooks! With the Acer Chrometab, I do not have to choose. It also has 4 GB of RAM which is my minimum requirement.

Acer Chrometab 10 in box

Setting up the Chrometab was super easy. I am familiar with my phone and Chromebooks so there were no surprises. It worked exactly as I expected.

Blue background Chrometab

I love the blue color of the Chrometab, but more than that the back of the Chrometab has texture. It’s like plastic corduroy jeans. It just feels so good to hold.

Alice out the door with the Chrometab

A 10″ tablet, which could be similar to an art tablet, is no surprise as to being super portable. I carried this around with me everywhere last night and this morning and it did not feel awkward. Put my phone on top and toted around in my hand happily. I hand it to anyone I come across. Everyone loves it. Easy to use. Easy to hold.


The stylus for the Acer Chrometab is not a superfluous accessory. You need it for some functions and you want to use it. I have the Acer Spin 11 which is touchscreen with a stylus. The stylus feels awkward when you have a full keyboard. I love the Acer Spin 11, but the stylus experience with the Chrometab is significantly more natural. There is a slot for the stylus on the bottom left hand side. (I’m right handed so I wish it was on the right hand side but I can deal.)
Stylus Chrometab

Chromebook Tablet

I thought it would be weird to use a Chromebook on a tablet format. NOPE! It’s delightful! Full featured Chrome! Full featured G Suite Google Apps. It’s a dream! (Can you pick up on my enthusiasm based on all my exclamation marks?!)
Chromebook tablet Chrometab

Chrome Extensions

I love love love love my Chrome extensions. As soon as I logged into the Chrometab and tapped on Chrome. Boom they were there.
Chrome Extensions on Chrometab

One Chrome extension that I use extensively is Webcam Record. It records up to 30 seconds of your webcam, automagically saves to Google Drive, and copies the link to your clipboard. This is an essential tool for feedback. I’m always frustrated when I’m on my phone that I can not give video feedback in Google Classroom. With the Chrometab this is not an issue at all.
webcam record on Chrometab


I use (and code) a lot of Add-ons for Google Apps. The Add-ons such as Flubaroo, TemplateTab, etc… are not accessible from a mobile device. However, this is not just a tablet it’s a Chromebook so ADD-ONS!!!! I have FULL FUNCTIONALITY of G Suite Google Apps. Just let that sink in. Mobile versions have their advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of things I can do with a Chromebook that just can not be done using the G Suite apps on mobile. Now I can do it all.

Android Apps

I have not installed them yet. I want to record the process so stay turned for my review on that. But you can go to the settings and activate the Google Play store and add Android apps to the Chrometab.


Bottom line. I love this Chrometab. I’ve had it for less than 24 hours and you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hand before I would give it up.

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  1. I am new to using chrome books and love your comments here. If using for students would you go with the actual chrome book or the Chrometab?

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