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Some Tips for Using Twitter at a Conference

The official hashtag is #ISTE18
Some Tips for Using Twitter at a Conference

Welcome to ISTE Twitter

Tweet on the Hashtag #ISTE18

Twitter is an excellent way to connect with educators you do not know! There are 18,000 educators at ISTE here in Chicago this year, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you do not know most of them. Here are some Twitter tips to help you get the most of being at ISTE (or to feed your FOMO for those of you #NotAtISTE18)

Follow the Hashtag

When you tap on a hashtag it will filter for those using the hashtag. This is how you find awesome people you do not know! [tweet]Do not feel weird interacting with strangers, we are on Twitter so we can connect![/tweet] Say hello and even better if you can meet up!

On your mobile device when you tap on the hashtag in someone’s tweet or do a search for #ISTE18 it will show you “top” tweets first. Tap over onto “Latest” to see what is happening now.

Twitter Tweetdeck

If you are using Tweetdeck.com you can follow the official hashtag (and the wrong ones that are accidentally used.) Do a search for #ISTE18 OR #ISTE2018 OR #NotAtISTE18 OR #NotAtISTE2018 OR #NotAtISTE. Press enter and you will create a column that will show you all the tweets!
Search for all the twitter hashtags

The OR must be capitalized

In Tweetdeck when searching for multiple hashtags make sure you type OR in between them

Include #ISTE18 on ALL Your Tweets

When you tweet your tweets go to your followers stream. There are lots of people here at ISTE who want to interact with you who are not following you (or even know …yet… that you exist.) So let them know you’re here at ISTE by including #ISTE18 on all your tweets. If you are NOT at ISTE, also include #ISTE18 in all of your tweets but also include the official hashtag #NotAtISTE18

An @ vs #

An @ is a PERSON a # is a topic.

If you want to mention a person use their Twitter handle instead of their name.

Notice in the tweet below I mentioned Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook, but I did not use his name! Instead, I used @jmattmiller.

A hashtag is a topic that allows you to interact with others around that same topic. Tap on the hashtags to see what others are saying about that topic.

Include a Picture

“No one is thinking about you but you.”

Do not be worried about your double chin. I have never once in my life thought “wow, that twitter picture has a double chin.” Adding a picture adds to the engagement on Twitter. You do not have to take a selfie, but share what is around you with a photo!

Rectangle Photos

Twitter crops your photos into a rectangle. If you took a portrait image the top of your head will be cut off and Twitter will show your nose and teeth. Honestly, no one really cares so don’t stress if you do that, but I recommend LANDSCAPE for your pictures!


The biggest compliment on Twitter is a retweet! Share liberally tweets that inspire you.

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