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Google Sheets: Alternate Colors

Alternate Colors in Google Sheets

Alternate Colors in Google Sheets

To help your eyes when viewing a spreadsheet of data, try alternating the colors. It is wicked easy!!

Format Menu

Highlight the data range or columns you wish to alternate colors on. Then use the Format menu and choose “Alternating colors.”
Alternating Colors in Google Sheets

Alternating Colors in Google Sheets

Side Panel

After selecting “Alternating colors” a side panel will appear that will allow you to change the colors. In the center of the side panel are quick “Formatting styles” to choose from. You can customize the colors if you need to.
Alternating Colors Side Panel

It’s So Easy, Show Students

I guarantee students will enjoy alternating the colors on their spreadsheets. Check out this student guide to using spreadsheets. What can students put in a spreadsheet? Pretty much anything, it’s just a giant table. Recommend ensuring students know how to make columns wider and set the word wrap.

“Answer the questions at the end of the chapter and alternate the colors.”
Answer the questions in a spreadsheettin

Try It

Use this sample spreadsheet to try alternating the colors.

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