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Google Slides: Add Slide Numbers

Google Slides: Add Slide Numbers

Add Slide Numbers in Google Slides

By default slides in Google Slides do not have “page numbers.” It is easy to add them to Google Slides.

Insert Menu

Use the Insert menu to locate “Slide numbers.”
slide numbers

Turn On Slide Numbering

The default is “Off.” Instead select On. You may not want the “1” on the first slide and instead to start with the 2 on the 2nd slide. Checkbox “Skip title slides” in this case.
turn on slide numbers

Note that skipping title slides is not just the first slide. It is any slide that uses the “Title slide” layout. Any slide that has the “Title slide” layout will not have the slide number. The slide is still counted. If slide 15 is a title slide the “15” will not appear in the bottom right hand corner. However slides 16, assuming it is not a title slide, will have the “16” in the bottom right.
adding a title slide

Moving Slide Numbers

The slide numbers appear in the bottom right but you may want to have them appear in a different location or with different formatting. Use the Insert menu and choose “Master.”
Insert Master

Notice there is a small hashtag in the bottom right of the slide layouts.
Slide Number placeholder

If you select the “Master” layout and change the appearance of the placeholder this will make a universal change to all layouts. Notice in the example below that I made the font on the hashtag Comic Sans, Hot Pink, font size 90 and moved it more towards the middle of the sheet.

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