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Ashley Fort Historical Tweets Activity

Use Collaborative Google Slides to Create Historical Tweets

I love to share a good idea! Ashley Fort shared how she has students use a Google Slides deck to create a fake Twitter profile of famous people they have researched. The students then tweet as the famous person within the Google Slides. This is a 21st-century lesson that involves creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and research.

Tweet idea

Ashley’s Template

Gotta love a teacher who shares what they create, thank you Ashley!!

Click Here to make a copy of Ashley’s template

Twitter Spreadsheet

Students would not tweet for real on Twitter. However, if you have a class Twitter account you could have the students tweet the tweets from the class account. I have created a spreadsheet that allows the students to enter their tweet and the historical figure’s fake twitter handle.

Click here to make a copy of the spreadsheet template

Collaborative spreadsheet to tweet historical tweets

Share the spreadsheet with students so they can type their own tweets into column A. Designate a student to approve and tweet from the class Twitter account if possible. A blue link in column E launches a tweet for Twitter that is comprised of the historical tweet, the fake account handle, and the hashtag you’re using for this activity.

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