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Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

Table Talk Math Placemats
Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

Table Talk Math Placemats

Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

Guest Blog Post by John Stevens

Table Talk Math Placements will be donating all proceeds to benefit the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The placemats are erasable and reusable.

How are you using the Table Talk Math Placemats that just got released? I’d love to hear from you! Pictures and messages have been coming in all week as people are getting their mats and I couldn’t be more honored to hear that kids are voluntarily grabbing them to help show their learning, go deeper with conversations, and explore their curiosity.

Order Placemats

Not only are the Table Talk Math Placemats awesome for having math conversations at home but the proceeds will be donated to help relief efforts in Puerto Rico. 

I Want Some Placemats

When designing the mats, I knew that they would be helpful, but didn’t realize that other people (around the WORLD!) would agree so quickly. The first round of orders overwhelmed me and my assistant (who just so happens to by my mom… cool, I know!) and we ran out in less than a week. To help with the next round of orders, I have even more ready and set to ship, so make sure you get yours in soon.

But the big question you might be asking yourself is “Self? What value does a placemat have for me and my kids (or my students)?”

Ah, I’m happy you asked… or thought about it. For me, and the dozens of others who have been posting about their conversations with kids and students, the mats provide just enough structure to let a child’s creativity run free. For those of us who employ mini whiteboards to demonstrate student learning, you know how powerful the risk-taking can be. After all, any mistake can easily be removed with a swipe of a hand. On top of that, ideas are easier to think through and conversations somehow get deeper.

The mats themselves are intentionally designed to have 5 sandboxes, but little else. The top side gives room for creativity and curiosity to be explored, while the back offers up prompts and ideas that can be used around the dinner table, in the classroom, or whenever the desire for a math-based conversation may arise.

Table Talk Math Placemats

Bulk Orders Available

If you are in a school or district and are looking for a bulk order, I am sending a bonus set of whiteboard markers with orders of at least 150, so contact me directly for inquiries about bulk orders. Oh, and I do take purchase orders!

Keep in Touch

The last thing I want to mention is that some of you had ordered mats, but I haven’t heard from you since. My fear is that the reply went to your junk/spam folder, so please check that and let me know if you need me to re-send it.

I am thrilled to see what you and your kids create on these mats and, again, thank you for bringing more math-based conversations to the table.

Next week, we are going to have a great prompt for you, so I’m excited to get it in the queue and ship it out to you!

And just because it has been so incredible, check out what @askmrsmartinez posted on Twitter yesterday. Big shout out to her, her son, and @KMBallPrincipal for doing great work.

Guest Blog Post

John Stevens is the author of Table Talk Math and The Classroom Chef.

As always, alicekeeler.com does not accept paid blog content. I (Alice) personally own a set of these awesome placemats and am excited to share not only the placemats so you can have mathematical conversations with your kids, but provide an opportunity to help the relief effort in Puerto Rico. 

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