#firstday How Do You Engage Students to Want to Come Back

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#firstday first day of school activity

First Day of School

I’m into a student centered classroom. What does it say when the first thing we do on the first day is have kids sit and wait for us to talk about ourselves and sit through a list of rules?

What do we do the #firstday to have kids running to class the second day?

#firstday Hashtag

Use the hashtag #firstday to share your ideas for engaging students in an experience the first day. If you haven’t read Teach Like a Pirate I highly recommend it. “You don’t teach a lesson, you create an experience.”

Community Builders Not Rules

Awhile back I posted what Barton Keeler uses for his class rules. We changed it from rules to community builders.
Barton Keeler Community Builders not rules


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    Chelsea McClellan

    Creative Commons has great images for free using Flickr. Ss walk in to a striking image and are asked to discuss “What sort of math ideas are you reminded of from last year as you look at this image?”

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    Erin Cramer

    This year we are beginning the year with a dunk tank, ice cream truck and food truck! In my classroom I always start with some fun icebreakers with the freshmen and a brainteaser or two for my sophomores with a focus on communication and collaboration. With the freshman I will also be doing a Google Tools/Tech Tools refresher to start off on point!

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