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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Ditch That Homework Peeps

Join us in ditch that homework
Ditch That Homework Peeps

Join us in ditch that homework

Join Us In Saying Ditch That Homework

Homework has a low effectiveness rating for learning. It does cause a lot of stress and family fighting. Beyond the walls of our classroom, the environments are unequal. No research supports the myth that homework teaches responsibility. Homework is not preparing our kids for college; the drop out rate is embarrassing and college students struggle. So many of us are saying, we can do better and DITCH THAT HOMEWORK!

Add to the List

Add your name and tip for ditching homework to the crowdsourced spreadsheet. Lots of teachers in elementary, middle school and even high school math and English are ditching homework.

If your grade level or subject is not on the drop down list, notice the additional tabs at the bottom to allow you to add to the list.

Ditch That Homework

The book “Ditch That Homework” is available on Amazon chock full of tips to help you help make homework obsolete!


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