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Google Forms: Default to Require Email Address

collect email addresses
Google Forms: Default to Require Email Address

collect email addresses

Google Forms Default Preferences

I like to say that you know you’re techie if 3 dots make you excited. Don’t wonder, CLICK ON THEM! It’s a great time to practice clicking on the “More Options” icon of three dots in Google Forms. In the upper right-hand corner when editing a Google Form is 3 dots and under those dots is the option for “Preferences.”
preferences in Google Forms

Collect Email Addresses

It is good practice to ALWAYS click on the “Fidget Spinner” settings cog icon in Google Forms to set the settings for your Form. One setting you should always use is “Collect email addresses.” Even if you don’t think you need them… you might want them and it’s handy. Obviously there are exceptions, but in general, you want email addresses! I highly recommend for the “Default settings” under Preferences that you check the checkbox to always “Collect email addresses.”
default to collect email addresses


If you are using Google Forms for formative assessment you have some default options you can choose too. In general, I like to require all of my questions so students do not accidentally submit before they are done. This is probably a good default setting. It would probably be less clicking to unselect required for the few questions that are not required rather than the other way around.

Formative assessment should not be for a grade in the gradebook. It’s unlikely that the Google Form quiz has enough questions to allow for students to accurately get a percentage that matches what they know. I have read a lot of research on grading practices, I can’t find any that says percentages or grades are awesome. In fact the opposite. A low score on formative assessment contributes to students feeling dumb. I highly recommend we stop putting percentages on things. Check out the work of Kentucky University researcher Thomas Guskey (@tguskey).

I love Google Forms. I’m not such a fan of Google Forms grading with points.

My New Add-On: Send Feedback

Something I constantly feel like doing is when I am looking at a spreadsheet of student responses from a Google Form (or non-students) is to be able to reply to what was answered in response to a particular question. I coded an Add-on that I’m working on adding to the Chrome webstore. It is called “Send Feedback.” It allows you to click on any cell in the spreadsheet and click a button in the sidebar to send feedback.
Send Feedback

A pop-up box appears for you to quickly give a feedback comment and send it off. The comment is sent via email and captures the column header (which assumably is the question) along with the student’s response to the question. The Add-on assumes that the student’s email is in column B. Why column B? Because when you default to “collect email addresses” that email is in column B. So this new update to Google Forms helps me out a lot. If you default your Google Forms to collect email addresses then you are all set to use my new Add-on.

Beta Testers

I am working on getting this Add-on into the marketplace. If you would like to beta test my Add-on join my Google Group. This gives you access to try my projects I code.


Note if you go to this link you will find in very tiny letters the option to ask to join the group. Choose that. In the forum you will see threads for my coding projects I am trying out. Click on the “Send Feedback” thread and I posted the link to install “Send Feedback” Add-on.
Join the Google Group and install send feedback






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