here is 5000th poster project

By the time a student is a high school senior how many posters have they been asked to create for projects? Obviously, we have no clue, we do not usually confer with teachers who came before us and catalog a list of the types of assignments they did. But stop and think when assigning a project, what is the likelihood they have done an assignment like this before? I always suggest to offer to students to create projects in Minecraft but how long before that gets old? Variety is the spice of life!

Poster Alternatives

Previously I had blogged about updating the brochure assignment to something modern and relevant. I started a crowdsourced list of alternatives to the brochure. I am adding to this list with some alternative ideas to the poster assignment. On Twitter when I see activities that are worth “stealing” I quote tweet them with the hashtag #stealEDU. Searching the hashtag will default to “Top” tweets rather “Latest.” I suggest clicking on “Latest” along the top to find some ideas for your classroom.

Add to the List

This spreadsheet is a crowdsourced list of alternatives to the poster project. Try out a new activity idea from list and add your own!









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