Check my spelling activity

What is one way tech can be better than paper? Immediate feedback. This Google Sheets activity allows students to type their spelling or vocabulary words into any cell. If the word is spelled the same as it is on the spelling list, it will highlight green.

Check My Spelling Template

In this template, you make a list of the spelling or vocab words students might practice. The list is on the 2nd tab, you may or may not want to hide the sheet.
Put Words on the Spelling List Tab

Hide sheet if desired


On the practice tab, students can type any words into any cell. If the word is on the list and it is spelled correctly
Type your words into any cell

Make a Game

The practice tab is totally blank. Redesign the sheet into a graphic organizer or make a game out of it. Note that if you add additional cells or rows they do not have the conditional formatting rules on them.

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