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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

High Five: Your Class is Chaos

High Five Your Class is Chaos
High Five: Your Class is Chaos

High Five Your Class is Chaos

High Five: Your Class is Chaos

My number one advice I give to admin who wants teachers to use technology, or anything new, is to celebrate failure.

Some teachers are afraid of trying something new, it not working, and the admin coming by and seeing chaos.

Create a Culture of Reflection and Transparency

[tweet]Teachers and students are not going to take a risk if they feel they will get slapped down if they fail.[/tweet] It is important for leadership to expect that when adapting to teaching differently than they were taught that teachers need support. The learning is in the reflection. Are teachers hiding that they are trying something new? Move the whole staff forward by sharing what worked and what did not work. Allow for discussion. Are teachers willing to stand up at a faculty meeting and say “I tried this, didn’t work, was thinking about adapting it this way?” Is the only thing celebrated at the meeting high test scores or is risk taking celebrated?

Is it acceptable and safe to keep handing out worksheets with desks in rows? If we want change, celebrate what we value!

7 Stages of Grief

Students are conditioned to be told what to do and to follow explicit directions. Changing the classroom to being more student-centered, having more critical thinking, having more creative thinking, and having more collaboration is not sunshine and rainbows. Students probably won’t jump up and down with joy… at first… This research article shows it is more likely that the students go through the 7 stages of grief. They are MAD. Eventually, they love being creative and doing critical thinking but it takes time to get there. If teachers don’t feel they are going to be supported through this transition, unlikely they will want to do it.

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