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Student-Centered Classrooms with Google Classroom

2 tips to be student centered with Google Classroom
Student-Centered Classrooms with Google Classroom

2 tips to be student centered with Google Classroom

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Student-Centered Classrooms with Google Classroom

Google Classroom at it’s heart allows you to distribute work and collect it. Google Classroom does not make learning better, more engaging, more student-centered… none of that. YOU DO! How you use a tool is what makes the difference. [tweet]It is an intentional decision to design lessons, that include Google Classroom, that engage and empower students.[/tweet]

Here are 2 tips to help you use Google Classroom to be student-centered.

Private Comments

One of the most powerful elements of Google Classroom is the private comments feature. For every assignment (not announcement) is the ability to have a private conversation with students. Whoa, let me say that again. Google Classroom turns comments into conversations. This allows every student to have a voice and communicate their ideas or struggles with a task. [tweet]If we want a student-centered classroom, then we need a method to hear from students.[/tweet]

private comment conversation

In the Stream click on any assignment title to view student work. Click on a student’s name on the left-hand side to access the private comments on the right-hand side.

Diversity of Submissions

not paint by number cori orlando

When designing assignments in Google Classroom ask yourself if you expect all students to submit the same thing? Google Classroom allows for a diversity of submissions. You do not have to push out a worksheet or template to students. [tweet]What is great about Google Classroom is YOU need very little tech ability.[/tweet] Click on the plus icon to create an assignment and type the learning objective. Leave it open ended enough that students can put a little of their own interpretation into it. Students can click on “Add” or “Create” in Google Classroom and turn in anything!

students click add or create in google classroom

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