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Google Classroom: Guardian Emails – Only One Teacher Enters Email

One teacher adds guardians
Google Classroom: Guardian Emails – Only One Teacher Enters Email

One teacher adds guardians

Google Classroom One Teacher Submits Guardian Emails

Not sure if this is good news or bad news depending on who the task falls upon. In Google Classroom guardians can be linked to student accounts. When one teacher enters in a guardian for a student that guardian is linked to the student. Any other Google Classroom classes the student is enrolled in automatically share the guardians listed.

Student Tab

Adding guardians to student Google Classroom accounts is done by the teacher on the Students tab.
Students tab in google classroom

Invite Guardians

The first teacher to add a guardian for a student will see “Invite Guardians” listed next to the students name on the “Students” tab.
invite guardians in google classroom

The teacher will type or paste the email address of the guardian for that student. Multiple guardians can be added by clicking “Add another.” The teacher will need to select “Invite” after typing the guardian email addresses.
add a parent email

3 Dots

As usual, what you want is located under the 3 dots “More options” icon. If guardians have already been invited, additional guardians can be added by clicking on the 3 dots icon for the student. Guardians can also be removed this way.
Invite Guadians under the 3 dots

Guardians Invite

Guardians receive an email notification that they need to accept.
accept guardian role

Accepting takes the parent to a unique Google Classroom management screen. Parents should not delete this email so they can get back to the management screen if they need to make changes.

Email Summaries Settings

It is the parent who sets if they want to receive a daily summary, a weekly summary or no summary.
google classroom parent management screen

Multiple Children

If the parent has multiple children with Google Classroom, the management screen shows all children.
parent with multiple children

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