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Measurement Activity: Google Sheets for Littles

Kindergarten measurement count
Measurement Activity: Google Sheets for Littles

measurement activity Google Sheets Kindergarten count measure

Kindergarten Count Measure

This spreadsheet template is for younger students to practice measuring and counting. This is an adaptation of a worksheet which had pictures of clip art next to blocks where the students counted the blocks. This asks students to figure out the blocks rather than the blocks being given to the student.
Note: the original activity was 9 pages to photocopy, collate and staple. 




Create a copy of the template for each student using Google Classroom or have them go to the link and make a copy. Notice the tabs along the bottom. Each tab is set up with a clip art image for students to measure.
measure the hat in google sheets

Move the Clipart

Students can move the clipart. It is free floating on the grid. Students can arrange or align it any way they want.

Make a Mark

I have set up conditional formatting so that if students type anything into a cell it shades the cell. If students use single digit numbers, they can obtain different colors.

Students determine the height or width or both of the object. Would be interesting to see how the student chooses to measure the object.


Cell T1 is set up to allow the student to type in the number of their measurement. Cell T7 is optional for if students do 2 measurements.


Students can insert their own clipart!! Why be restricted to what everyone else has? Students can delete the given clip art and insert their own or create additional sheets. Also, try challenging the students to resize the clip art images.

Duplicate Tab

On each tab is a small drop down arrow. Click on the arrow to choose “Duplicate.” This copies all the formatting. Delete the clip art on the copy.
duplicate the spreadsheet tab

Insert Image

Use the Insert menu to choose “Image.” Along the top are different image options, choose “Search” at the end. After searching for an item, change from “Any type” to “Clip art.”
insert image by choosing search and clip art

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