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How Do You Learn New Ideas?

There are so many new possibilities for teaching. Blended learning, Common Core, DOK levels, Project Based Learning (PBL), Minecraft, Standards Based Grading (SBG), Student-centered classrooms, BreakoutEDU, making global connections, collaboration techniques and of course just using new technology.

Teaching is too hard to go it alone.


In the book “The First Days of School” Harry Wong advised teachers to “Steal, Steal, Steal.” See what other teachers are doing and steal it for your own classroom.

The hashtag #stealEDU is for sharing specific activities, lesson plans or lesson ideas that another teacher can use. If you have a lesson plan you are sharing, include the hashtag #stealEDU. If you see an educator tweeting an activity or lesson idea retweet it with the hashtag #stealEDU.

Blogs to Steal From

Educators who share what they are doing in their classroom allow us to “steal” their ideas. Many educator bloggers will provide templates and steps for how to do something similar in your classroom. Look beyond your own subject area, as a math teacher I got some of my best ideas from Kindergarten teachers.

Collaborative Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet below is a list of some educators who blog things you can take for your classroom. Please feel free to add to the list. https://goo.gl/1MDNKC.


View the hashtag and find some new ideas and educators to connect with.

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