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Google My Maps: Lesson Ideas

use my maps to have students create

My Maps Lesson Ideas

Google My Maps allows students to create using customized maps where they create the content. Students can they locate places around the globe and see them at street view. Students can drop markers onto the map and embed text, photos or YouTube videos into the markers. Create a route. Measure size and distance.

Contribute to My Maps Lessons

This collaborative spreadsheet was crowdsourced and lists some My Map lesson plan ideas. Add your own ideas for using MyMaps.

Sample Map

google mymaps with help from donnie piercy

Review this sample map that Donnie Piercy helped contribute to.

Install the Android App

Google Play

Ditch That Textbook

Matt Miller, author of “Ditch That Textbook” has a blog post on “20 ways Google MyMaps can enhance lessons in any class.”

Free Technology for Teachers

Richard Byrne has a post on “How to Use Google’s My Maps in Your Classroom.”

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