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5 Things to Try in Gmail

5 tips for Gmail
5 Things to Try in Gmail

5 tips for Gmail tips

Gmail Tips

Gmail is great for so many reasons. Here are 5 Gmail tips you may want to try.

1. Change the subject line

Gmail groups emails into “conversations.” It does this by looking at the subject line of the email. If two people send you an email with the same subject line, they are grouped into the same conversation. Oftentimes when someone emails me with something that doesn’t match the subject line I will edit it to start a new conversation. This is also a good trick when you’ve had a lot of back and forth in a conversation and need to start a new thread.

Click Arrow in Reply

When replying, there is a small drop down arrow next to the reply arrow. Click on this to edit the subject line. 
gmail edit subject line

2. Add Email to a Calendar Event

Oftentimes an email discussion involves a get together of some sort. While viewing an email conversation, click on the “More” button at the top and choose “Create event.” This copies the body of the email into a Calendar event and automatically adds the email recipients as guests.

gmail add to calendar

3. Create Large Text

For emphasis, sometimes I want some of my text to be REALLY BIG! In the toolbar next to the send button, click on the “A” to view formatting options. The tT allows you to change the font size.

gmail create big text

4. Setup Priority Inbox

I love Priority Inbox. It keeps my important emails at the top and the junky stuff at the bottom. You need to train Gmail a little by clicking on the yellow flags next to an email to indicate if it’s important or not.

To set up Priority Inbox, hover over the words “Inbox” under the compose button. A drop down arrow will appear and allow you to select your “Priority Inbox.”
gmail priority inbox

5. Read Gmail Offline

With any program, you want to check out what is under the hood. Locate the settings cog in Gmail and choose “Settings.”

gmail settings

Click on the menu option of “Offline.” This will prompt you to install a Chrome App to allow you to view your Gmail messages offline. Of course you are only synced with when the last time you were online. Respond to emails in offline mode and have them send when you’re connected again. Read the directions on the installation page 🙂
offline for gmail

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