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Alice Keeler Drive20 Chrome extension

I commissioned the creation of a Chrome extension that will open 20 Google Drive files all at once. Why might you ask? When providing feedback on student work, double clicking on 20 files can be time-consuming. Since feedback faster is my mantra, Drive20 can help me do that.

Chrome Extension


Click the Icon

To use Drive20 go to Google Drive and press the Drive20 icon in the omnibox.
Drive20 Google Drive

The Drive20 Chrome extension will only open Docs, Sheets and Slides.
Drive20 shot 2


I recommend using the keyboard shortcut Control W to close a tab after reviewing student work. Click on the LAST tab and review that work first. Control W will close that tab and reveal the next students work.

20 Documents

By default, the extension opens 20 files at a time. You can alter the default by right clicking on the Chrome extension and choosing “Options.”

Choose from the dropdown list what you want your default to be.
drive20 change number of docs

Sort by Last Modified

The extension opens up the first 20 documents in the folder. Sorting the folder effects which 20 documents are opened. Click on the “AZ” icon in the toolbar and choose “Last modified” or “Last opened by me.” If you are in list view instead of grid view of the documents, you can click on the header “Last modified” to sort in reverse order. This puts documents you have not looked at recently at the top of the list. Clicking the Drive20 Chrome extension will then open student work you have not yet reviewed.
Sort by Last Modified

Close Tabs

Google Drive makes it easy to close all tabs you opened at once. Right click on the tab you do NOT want to close, in this case it is Google Drive. Choose “Close Tabs to the Right.”
Drive20 Image 3

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