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Create, Submit, Find a Google Draw Badge

Submit a Badge

If you would like to create or use a badge created from Google Drawing I have created a Google Form to submit the badge. Feel free to reblog the templates and links. This project only works if we can get the word out to share the badges we create.

Any badges submitted should be considered open for anyone to use or remix under a creative commons license, no attribution required.

Spreadsheet Results

Link to spreadsheet of results.

Create a Badge

Create a badge using Google Drawing. You may use this template if you wish:


Use the File menu to “Publish to the web.”

Copy the published URL to the clipboard.
Copy published URL

Paste the URL into the Google Form.

Use a Badge

The Google Drawing published URL acts as an image link. Copy the image URL from the spreadsheet for the badges you wish to use. In a spreadsheet, use the formula =image(“URL”) to display the badge in the spreadsheet.

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