Coding Vocab Words

Shamelessly, I bribed my 8-year-old daughter to learn JavaScript. I’ve shown her a couple of things with Google Apps Script (which uses JavaScript). Imagine how delighted I was when a week later she comes home and exclaims “I am teaching my class how to code.” First, major kudos to her teacher who when seeing how excited my daughter was about coding set her up as a station leader to run a coding station. He does not know how to code but is letting student passions influence what the class does, and he is creating leaders. I love that.

Coding Vocabulary Words

Having students code their vocabulary words is a task for students to get started with coding Google Apps Script. Provided below is a Google Slides presentation to use at a professional development session to help teachers get started with this activity. Speaking points are provided in the speaker notes.

Click Here to link to the Google Slides.

Click Here to download PDF of Slides with speaker notes.

Do It A Lot

Whatever tech you choose to use with students, use it a lot. Have them practice coding Google Docs with text strings and variables frequently on assignments. Add additional methods (codes) a little at a time. “How can we use this method?” Click Here for a list of methods that work with .getBody();

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