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Google Forms: Tab Tab Type

Google Forms: Tab Tab Type

tab tab type

When I first saw that the new Google Forms only has one option for multiple choice I was disappointed. Using the mouse is something I try to avoid. Tab and keyboard shortcuts can help me be super productive when creating. Happily a few tricks makes it a snap to create a Google Form.

Tab and Type

When adding a question to Google Forms, the default is a multiple choice question. (Control Shift Enter creates a new question by the way.) Type the question, press Tab, press Tab again to type the first answer option.

Press Tab again to go to option 2. DO NOT TOUCH THE MOUSE! Do not delete. Just start typing. You do not have to click on “Add option.” Just type.

Press Tab and press Tab again to add a 3rd option. DO NOT TOUCH THE MOUSE. Just start typing.

Notice in the GIF below that I added and created a multiple choice question without using the mouse. If you look closely the mouse icon does not move until the end when I end the recording.
Google Forms Making a Multiple Choice Question

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