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Digital Citizenship: Sign Out of Chrome

Digital Citizenship: Sign Out of Chrome

Control Shift Q

Perhaps you’ve seen a wayward Facebook post saying how awesome the spouse is; clearly the actual account holder forgot to log out of their Facebook. Students, in particular, are using school computers where it is important to remember to sign out of accounts. Teaching students to log out of their accounts is an important part of digital citizenship. Include in the lesson what to do when they sit down at a computer where someone did not sign out. Posing as someone else is not acceptable, immediately sign out for that person.

Control Shift Q

The keyboard shortcut Control Shift Q (Command Shift Q on a Mac) signs the student out of Chrome. Teach students this keyboard shortcut for when they are done using a lab computer.

Sign Out Remotely

Just in case you forgot to sign out or you are not sure, you can sign out of your Google accounts remotely. Sign into Gmail and look in the bottom right corner. You can find the last account activity and a link to “Details.”
Sign out

Click on Details

Clicking on “Details” reveals locations you are signed into with your Google account. Many of them like your phone should not be a surprise. If any of the logins is on a device you do not recognize click on “Sign out of all web sessions.”
Sign out of Google Accounts

Have Students Practice

Pointing out the keyboard shortcut and the “Details” link in Gmail is a good start. I suggest occasionally asking students to do both of these.

4 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship: Sign Out of Chrome

  1. Great reminder. (have students AND teachers practice!) The biggest security breach will be the user. I had a teacher leave her account logged in and found that someone in her “classroom probably” deleted all her docs. Not fun!

  2. I don’t think this works. When I do this, it simply closes the chrome browser, it does not sign me out of my google accounts, nor does it sign me out of chrome. If I walked away, the next person can simply open chrome and access my account. I would love to have a simple way to actually sign kids out of chrome…

  3. Command shift Q only quits Chrome app, it doesn’t log one out from their signed in accounts. Your suggestion is to actually sign out of all logged in accounts in Chrome?

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