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Google Forms in Classroom

It is now significantly easier to utilize Google Forms in Google Classroom. Simply attach a Form using the Google Drive attachment option when making a post. Students are automatically linked to the live view of the Form. For the teacher, Classroom provides a link right in the stream to view the results in Google Sheets.

Google Forms

Google Forms is possibly the best Google App. Before Google Classroom, Google Forms was the main tool to go paperless. Students fill out a form and the results are displayed in one place on a spreadsheet. This makes it easier to assess student work. Having all student answers in a single list in the spreadsheet means you can see everyone’s answers in the same spot. No papers to collect and shuffle. Spreadsheet results can be sorted and filtered.

Create a Form

Like all Google Docs, you need to create your Google Form before you attach it in Google Classroom. Start with Google Drive and click on the “New” button. Under “More” is the option to create a Google Form.

You can also get to Google Forms by going to forms.google.com. This gives you a filtered list of just your Google Forms. You can also click the plus icon in the bottom right hand corner to create a Google Form.

Create a Post

In Google Classroom create a new post: Assignment, Announcement, or Question.
Google Classroom Create

In the attachment options at the bottom, click on the Google Drive icon. Locate the Google Form you created and attach it.
Google Drive

Unlike other attachments you are NOT given the option for view, edit or make a copy. The Google Form is attached right into the post. If you click on the Form title it will open the edit screen of the Google Form. When students click on the title of the Google Form it will open the Form for them to fill out. In the stream, you are able to link easily to the spreadsheet of responses. View Responses

Students will link to the Form and fill it out. You are able to view their results instantly as they submit in the spreadsheet.

Students filling out the Form will have it marked as done in the Google Classroom assignment.

After submitting the Form, the confirmation screen links back to the assignment for the student. Choosing “OPEN ASSIGNMENT” takes the student to the turn in screen of the assignment.
Confirmation Screen

If the post contains additional attachments besides the single Google Form, the student will need to manually mark the assignment as done or “TURN IN.” This includes documents, additional Forms, links or YouTube videos.
Mark As Done

Mark as done with a youtube video

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