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Try Versal for Interactive Lessons

Try Versal for Interactive Lessons

Taking a look this week at Versal. Versal is an online platform to create lessons or whole courses. What I like about Versal is the unique way it allows for interactivity, ease of building a course, and how it works with other tools you may be using.
Music Notes

Blended Classroom

When creating a blended or online course it is just as important to design the learning environment. Student engagement with online tools is critical. Simply using a computer does not make learning fun.  Placing PDF’s online for students to read is not engaging or a good use of technology.

Online/blended environments need to be interactive and engage the learner. Versal has an attractive design and the interactive features elevate the learner experience.

Create with Gadgets

Versal makes lesson design easy. Simply drag gadgets onto the lesson planning canvas. Insert text, quiz questions, images, videos, interactive diagrams, whiteboard drawings, math expressions and more.
Versal Create a Lesson

versal gadgets


The drag and drop interface makes lesson design a snap for any user.


Versal works well with the platforms you’re already using.
Versal Works with your Platform

Sharing the course allows you to link to the course or embed it in your website. Embedding allows you to use the website or LMS that you are already using and integrate your Versal lessons.
Versal Link to Course

Google Classroom

If you are a Google Classroom user, you can use Versal by creating individual lessons and linking to the lesson in the Google Classroom assignment.

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