Google Classroom Collaborative Slides

One of the things I love being able to do with Google Slides is have all students in the class collaborate on a single Slides presentation. This gives me one document to open and assess. I can give feedback to students while they are working on the presentation. Students can see the contribution of other students easily. Peer evaluation is a snap. It is also super simple to project the work of everyone in the class to share student work and to facilitate discussion.

Google Drive

In Google Drive create a Google Slides presentation for the students to contribute to. I recommend having a title slide first and the directions for the students to follow on the second slide.

Assignment in Classroom

In Google Classroom, attach the Google Slides presentation as “Students can edit file.”
Students can edit file

Turn in

After students add their slide to the collaborative presentation, they will want to copy the URL from their slide. Each slide has a unique slide ID in the URL. If a student is on slide 32 and copies the URL on that slide, the link will go directly to slide 32.
Unique URL

In Google Classroom, students will click on the “Add” button and choose “Link.”
google classroom add link

The students will paste the URL to their slide into the “Add link to assignment” box. Notice the slide ID at the end of the URL will be different for each student.
paste URL into add link dialogue box


When assessing student work, you go to the assessment view of the assignment. Click on each student and click on the link they turned in. Each link will go to THAT students slide. This makes it a lot easier to assess collaborative student work. You know exactly what contributions each student made and can provide feedback easily, and privately, right in Classroom.
Grade students click on link

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