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Google Classroom – Create Your Own Theme Image

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New features in Google Classroom came out today. The Google Classroom reads every piece of feedback that is submitted. Many teachers were asking how they can make their classrooms more about their students by using a picture from their class rather than the default images in the theme gallery.

Submit Feedback

Submit feedback to the Classroom team by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right hand corner of Google Classroom.
Send feedback to classroom team

Choose “Send Feedback” to share your ideas for what you want in Google Classroom. Choosing “Ask a question” takes you to the user forum where other users can help you with questions. Use the “Send Feeback” to get the ear of the Google Classroom people.
Ask a question

Custom Themes

For those who were feeling restricted by the default themes in the Gallery, Google Classroom now allows you to upload your own image for your classroom image banner.
Google Classroom Themes

App Updates

New features have been added to both the iOS and the Android app for Google Classroom. In addition to the features below the app is now optimized to run faster!

About Page

The about page is now accessible for both teachers and students via the app. For those teachers who post their syllabus and other resources on the about page this is a welcome addition!


iOS users are able to add images, videos and other file types to their assignments from other apps.


Just for fun, users of the Android Google Classroom app can now add emoji’s to their comments.

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