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Chrome Extension – Gradebook Split

Chrome Extension – Gradebook Split

Alice Keeler Gradebook Splitter

The Chrome Extension Gradebook Split automatically places your students digital work on the left of your screen and opens up your gradebook on the right hand side of the screen.

Side by side grading

When grading student work that is digital, the challenge can be efficiently entering feedback and scores into the gradebook. The trick to entering feedback and scores into the online gradebook is to have 2 windows side by side. Student work on the left, your gradebook on the right. I commissioned a programmer to create a Chrome extension specifically for teachers. Clicking the extension launches your gradebook in a window on the right hand side of your screen.

Install the Extension

Gradebook Split in the Chrome Webstore


Change the Settings

By default the Gradebook Split Chrome extension opens up to my website. You will want to change the options to have it link to your gradebook.

Copy Gradebook Link

Go to your gradebook. Use Control L to highlight the URL. Use Control C to copy the URL.

Right Click

Right click on the Chrome extension icon and choose “Options.”
Alice Keeler Gradebook Split Options

Set Gradebook Link

Change from the default setting of Teachertech and select the “Gradebook URL” option. Paste the URL, using Control V, into the box and select Save.
Gradebook Split


Click the Icon

While grading student work, click the Chrome extension icon to shrink your Chrome browser window to the left half of your screen. Your gradebook will automatically open up on the right half of your screen.

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