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Google Classroom allows you organize and assign work to students. Classroom works as a digital dropbox to allow students to submit their digital work to the teacher.

Classroom is Not a Gradebook

There are limited available point values in Google Classroom. While this may seem to be an issue since your assignments are not always 1, 20, 50 or 100 points it is important to remember that Classroom is not intended to be a gradebook. Most likely you have a gradebook you are using in addition to Google Classroom.
google classroom point values

Stop Double Entry

If you are entering scores in Google Classsroom and in your gradebook this causes you to have to do double entry and thus additional work. If you update a score it would require that you update it in two places. If there is a discrepancy between the score in Classroom and the score in the gradebook this potentially causes confusion for the student and parent.

Zero or One

Instead of entering grades in Google Classroom I only enter grades into my gradebook. If I make the assignment point value 1 point then I can essentially use the score in Classroom as a check. A one means I looked at the document. A zero or blank means I have not. If students have a score of 1 this signals to the student that the grade is available in the online gradebook.

Side by Side

When grading work that is in Google Classroom I will have side by side windows of Classroom and the gradebook. Instead of entering the students score into Classroom, I place the score in my gradebook. Since the windows are side by side it is almost as easy to put the score in the gradebook as it is to put it in Classroom, so why not put it where it counts.

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