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Google Classroom: Assignment Naming Conventions

Google Classroom: Assignment Naming Conventions

google classroom folders

What is cool about Google Classroom is that it creates a folder for documents that are handled in Google Classroom and it creates a sub-folder for each assignment you create. This can get out of control quickly if you do not have a solid system for organizing the folders.

Renaming Folders is OK

The original folder name Google Classroom created was just called “Classroom.” However, I shared this folder with my teacher partner and she had her own folder named “Classroom” and wanted to distinguish the two. Renaming the folder is okay. You can rename the other folders as well.

Moving Folders Is Ok

Google Classroom links to the folder ID. If the folder is moved the ID is not changed. You can safely create your own sub-folder in the Google Classroom created folder and call it “2014-15 Archive.” Move the assignment folders you are finished assessing into the archive folder.

Consistently Name the Assignment

The trick is to come up with a system that works for you when you name assignments. Knowing that whatever you name the assignment in Google Classroom will become the name of the folder you will want to think strategically.

Personally, I number all of my assignments. I have done this for years. It is significantly easier to find an assignment in the gradebook when they are numbered. I require my students to write the assignment number on everything they do.

I would recommend using 3 digit numbers since numbers alphabetize strangely. See this blog post on alphabetizing numbers. Thus my first assignment would be “#001 Syllabus.” My second assignment would be “#002 get to know you.” This will cause them to descend in order in your Google Drive.

You may want to organize your Google Classroom by grading period and type of assignment. Create short codes that would indicate the quarter, type of assignment, assigned and due date, etc…  So “Q1 Ch1 Quiz” and “Q1 Ch1 HW pg 50” might be appropriate. I would recommend that whatever system you use you are consistent. The order of your codes should always remain the same. This will cause the folders to alphabetize together.

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