An educator I greatly respect and learn from on a regular basis is Catlin Tucker. She is the author of the book Blended Learning in Grades 4-12 and has an awesome blog: 

One of her blog posts was about an epiphany she had about working with students on the writing process. Students need support in the middle of the writing process, not just at the end.

Do and then Turn In

Traditionally students are assigned work and then asked to turn it in. The teacher then grades it and hands it back. Teachers are then frustrated by seeing students cram the papers in their bag with little regard for the feedback the teacher gave them.

I Am Done

Mentally feeling like you are done with something changes your attitude toward being willing to redo or revise. When we assess student work after they have done it the value of the feedback is diminished by the students attitude that they are “done.” The exact same comment to a student in the middle of the process is welcome feedback by the student since they are still struggling through the assignment. The feedback helps them when they need it and are focusing on the information. The feedback allows them to feel more confident about the assignment when they turn it in.

Turn In and Then Do

Flip the process around, give the students the feedback BEFORE they are done. If you are a user of Google Apps with your student you are able to switch around the workflow. After starting a Google Doc the students turn in the document. The students turn in a BLANK document. This gives the teacher access to the work while the student is working on it. The teacher is then able to go into the documents and insert comments and feedback while the student is working on it. The bonus is that once the student is done they can be done. They do not have to remember to turn the assignment in.
Turn it in and then do it

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